Sickle: is it bad?

I never really used this before. I am using a 1hp 50/150 Moze build atm so when I just saw this I thought it would be fun to try…however, it is SO bad. Is this the typical accuracy on this gun or do I have an absurdly bad roll on my accuracy stat? Even at close range it’s ridiculous to try and hit anything. I can’t even tell if the damage is bad because the accuracy is so bad.

afaik only the boomsickle is (was) good
right now it also falls behind the new meta guns

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Nah, the Boom Sickle is still really powerful.
But yeah, the Boom Sickle is the only Sickle you should use.

you can do damage
thats true
i would say its on par with the kaoson for example
i would say that these weapons build a good base for a balanced gameplay right now
but with the beacon in your backpack…you will use the beacon to save time

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I’m currently using a level 57 M10 Kaoson that is absolutely melting everything at level 60 M10. It’s still top tier IMO.

as i said
its how weapons should be right now
the beacon is probably just how weapons should not be xD

At lvl 57 the boom sickle does 4k more damage or beyond than a normal sickle
I havent seen a boom sickle at 60.

A boomsickle its treated as a shotgun. Even through its an Ar. It has terrible accuracy in general unless ur zane with certain talents but it shoots in thengeneral direction u point it at so its not THAT bad.

The long story short is the sickle is trash unless its. A boom sickle.

Which is sad.

The recent Sickles are bad. I used to use them quite a bit. Don’t now. Too much knockback, too inaccurate. Not technically nerfed, but for all intents and purposes, they’ve been nerfed. Performance makes them unusable.

Even boomsickle and variants.

Sadly being a Vladof AR they weren’t part of the recent buffs, and they need it.

Boom Sickle is still decent, but outside of normal non-mayhem mode, they aren’t going to do enough damage to be worth it.

I got this Boom Sickle from an outhouse in DLC 3:

I tried it out a bit on M10. It did OK but it’s not the beast that previous Boom Sickles were. That 10% Accuracy is just :crazy_face:

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i dont understand how it performs so mid ranged
100k damage must be a lot :confused:

You’d think so but it still took a lot of shots to kill anything.

yea, i found a molten boomsickle for the first time in my life on level 60 mayhem 10
sadly it is heavily outperformed by the beacon, miscreant, flipper, etc…

All of the DLC 3 weapons put it to shame.

when u can have a monarch , everythings bad

That is about right. Any Sickle I have tried is always a big fail on any VH.
The one and only Sickle variant I ever see people use is the Boom Sickle. Have never seen one personally . Every other variant but that one :frowning:

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the boomsickle is extremely rare due to the sickle also being rare
and then try to get elements and anoints


A Boom Sickle still does work. I use one on Moze on M10. Add as much splash damage as you can to that thing and it can shred when you element match it (fire on flesh, for instance).

I’m still able to do work with it even on M10 Guardian Takedown.

Agreed, I was rolling through DLC2 the other day with my kinetic boom sickle and it was doing just fine.

Sorry to revive another old thread. I remember in M4 at lvl 57, the Boom Sickle was too strong for a meta Moze with BlastMaster. Is it still the case for M10 with same build?

(Note: I asked a similar thing about Anarchy)