Sickle: yay or nay?

Just got this and haven’t seen it before. It seems to do very mediocre damage at best but it fires so slow and has such a small clip I’m thinking it sort of sucks (at least on max difficulty). Or am I missing some synergy or way to use this weapon that makes it better?

It has another prefix, notably “boom”. I find with that it shines a bit brighter


That was my first 250%dmg phasecast weapon ( I use phaserker com + 250 on phasecast) it is lackluster but fine as a starter. Once you have something better no reason to use it, it does nothing special or fun

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I too wish it had a larger damage output or less pellet spread. Has the potential to work well with crit builds.

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I found it lack luster

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I kind of like it, but it’s not great. I experimented with it on CCC Zane and thought it did okay, but I feel it is a little lackluster. What really hurts it IMO is the slow fire rate and the somewhat small magazine size. It’s a Vladof AR pretending to be a shotgun, it’s silly to me that the fire rate is so low. If Gearbox bumped the fire rate up to around 5-6 and gave it over a 20 round mag before any mag size bonuses I might start using it again. It wouldn’t make it a meta gun, but I think it might just be a fun niche gun to play around with.

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Against the grain, I say that I had 250 cast shock boom sickle and it was Awesome on M3!!!

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I’ll use it while leveling up a character if there’s nothing better around but that’s about it.

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So I have this one: On it’s own in vanilla form, very underwhelming and you could even say it’s bad. But give it a good anoint like this one. And the secret - Accuracy bonus from skills/passives and it turns into a monster. My COM has 50% Vladof accuracy and with this it absolutely slays.

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that’s quite a load out of ion cannons…

hypothetical for ya, so you can carry 20 rockets, there are 20 in the mag and it’s 5 per shot (making up numbers just for round numbers) so you get 4 shots with it. So if you have one in all 4 spots and does that give you 16 shots total ?

I feel like I should know this

They are in all 4 spots for Matched Set which gives me a bigger mag size which makes my rockets regenerate quicker. I run this build with 0 in the backpack and as close to 0 in the magazine as possible to take advantage of Click. Click.

Normally, you have 36 max rockets and they consume 6 or 7 if annexed so the most you can shoot is 6 times. They all pull from the same pool.

so what’s in the mag does not count for each?

One of my mags can hold all 36 rockets. If I switch to another launcher that holds 20, it will still have 20 even though my main one has all 36 that I can carry. But if I shoot the 36 mag one till I have 19 when I switch to the 20 one I’ll have 19.

sorry, math and I are not always friends

lets say I have 4 launchers and each holds 10 and cost 1 rocket per shot

I have all 4 in each spot

I would have how many shots ?

Thanks BTW

36 because the max pool is 36. All would display 10 but you would only be able to shoot 36 times. Once you got to 9 in your backpack(you shot 27 times) all 4 would say 9 when fully reloaded.

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Not great. It can come with splash damage which makes it fairly decent but normally, you are better off using another AR/Shotgun.