Side Mission and Location achievements not unlocking for imported characters

I imported a character that had all achievements completed on the 360. This includes discovering all named locations and completing all side quests for both the main story and the DLC.

I was able to unlock some of the location / side quest related achievements:

  • World Traveler, Arctic Explorer, Urban Explorer, Highlands Explorer, Blight Explorer (all main campaign location achievements unlocked once I fast-traveled in a friend’s game)
  • Bounty Hunter (20 side missions; unlocked at the same time as location achievements)
  • Motörhead (all missions, Campaign of Carnage; unlocked after redoing level 3 of Pyro Pete’s bar fight)

The following do not want to unlock:

  • Did It All (all side missions, main campaign)
  • Gadabout (all locations, Pirate’s Booty)
  • Completionist (all missions, Pirate’s Booty)
  • Been There (all locations, Hammerlock’s Hunt)
  • Done That (all missions, Hammerlock’s Hunt)

It seems that the achievements all need to increment some internal counter to re-check the unlock conditions. This is especially problematic for the locations, since everything is already discovered for my (main) character and stay discovered for additional playthroughs. I was able to unlock Completionist on my TVH playthrough since I had not yet done the mission for Master Gee, but I did not get Gadabout because his arena was already discovered (since I was there on Normal).

I’ll be redoing DLC areas with fresh characters, but it would be nice if the unlocks for location / side mission achievements were consistent.

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I did a round at the animal annex dome on the difficulty i initially unlocked the achievement on for “Did it All”. Unlocked no problem. No point doing it on UVHM when you maybe unlocked it on normal difficulty. Won’t work otherwise. It has to be done on the same difficulty run through you unlocked it on.

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Unfortunately that’s not an option for me. I already did the Annex on 360 so nothing is available for me to do at that location. I can’t replay rounds or even talk to the guy there.

Thanks for the thought, though. I do understand that has worked for others who didn’t play the content before importing their characters.

Join someone’s game on that difficulty and complete a mission and it should unlock for you.

That was the first thing I tried. :smile:

Sure would be nice if that worked, but there’s no way to rediscover any already-discovered areas when I join someone else’s game, and any missions we do just complete with a “no reward” screen for me.

To be clear, all the location achievements for the main campaign did unlock when I joined someone else’s game, but none of the DLC ones worked. That’s kind of the point I was trying to make in my original post–you can take it as a list of which ones unlock when you join any game vs which ones do not.

I wish the DLC location achievements would unlock just by fast-traveling to a DLC location, just like the campaign location achievements did. Rediscovering all locations will require a fresh character and another complete playthrough of the DLC and the tedious task of re-checking missable areas against a list.

I’m a little late to the party, but I had the EXACT same program as you. Imported a character from the Xbox 360 version that had done all the achivements, and the DLC location achievements didn’t unlock for me.

Inspired by your clear summary of the situation, I did some digging in the Raw tab of our favorite program that shall not be named.

I was able to delete the key named SAGE_ROCKFOREST_PWDA_0 in the WorldDiscoveryList, then fast-travel to Scylla’s Grove. I was then able to “rediscover” Roothill Village and the “Been There” achievement popped.

Emboldened, I then deleted ORCHID_REFINERY_DYNAMICWDA_0 which turns out to be the “Forge Array” (that last junky area in Washburne Refiner on the way to Hyperius). Was able to rediscover it and then got the Gadabout achievement.

To get the Completionist and Done That achievements I deleted the relevant mission playthrough keys so I could replay just a few missions.

GD_Orchid_SM_Grendel.M_Orchid_Grendel - Oasis Bounty Board
GD_Sage_SM_BigFeet.M_Sage_BigFeet - Hunter’s Grotto - Lodge

If you were able to import a save game from Xbox 360 to PC then you’ve already used the program I’m talking about, so hopefully this is enough detail to be helpful without running afoul of any forum rules.

Good luck!

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Actually, I imported from XBox 360 to XBox One, which is a built-in feature to those platforms using a cloud upload/download mechanism. So, I can honestly say that I’m not familiar with whichever program. However, I am plenty literate in all things software, so what you’ve managed to explore STRONGLY suggests that if Gearbox were to modify the cloud save during the download sync phase to undiscover the initial locations in each DLC then simply traveling to those starting locations should unlock the achievements. That is if it’s not practical to simply unlock any DLC location achievements at the same time as the initial fast travel unlocks the core game ones.

Note to any forum police: I found this post very helpful; it is a good example of how making certain subjects (apparently) taboo can harm communications and devalue the forum. Censorship sucks.

Alas, all of this is too late for me since I created new characters and replayed the entire Handsome Collection again from scratch to grab those achievements, at least they’re good games. :smile:

Bah, I should have been able to figure that out myself! Though I’m active on the forum I don’t own the Handsome Collection and got to this thread via a Google search.

Anyway I’m glad the info was useful and maybe it’ll help others.

Manually transferring a BL2 save game from 360 to the Xbox One would be quite difficult using PC software. Definitely don’t go there just for fun!

Quote from the Cross Save thread (from GBX):

“Trophies and Achievements will also not transfer over and will need to be re-earned.”

Achievements do NOT transfer.


Thanks, but that’s not the issue. The problem is that the characters transfer in a way such that the achievements CANNOT be earned again with the transferred character. For example, all discovered areas are already discovered and cannot be rediscovered without creating a brand new character and replaying the whole game.

I’ll confirm what the guy above said - I had the same problem and even resorted to a ride along, following a virgin dummy profile as it filled out every location in the Pirate’s Booty DLC. In the end the dummy got Gadabout…I got crap

The same problem also exists on PS4.

I used cross-save to import the 4 characters I had used for platinum on the PS3. Decided to get all PS4-trophies on UVHM. Worked fine on the main campaign, so after getting a new platinum I wanted to do the DLC on UVHM.

However, all of my characters have been everywhere, so no Gadabout or Been There for me. Didn’t really want to start any new characters :frowning:

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Also the same here on PS4. I have a Borderlands 2 platinum, which means I “Did it All”. By definition I cannot earn this trophy in the Handsome Collection version of Borderlands 2 because there are no more side quests left to do. I’m essentially screwed unless I start a brand new character and go through ALL of the damn quests again. Multiplayer didn’t work because the game knows that you’ve already completed the quest that the host is turning in, so it doesn’t trigger the check for the trophy.

There’s no goddamn way I’m starting all over again for this. I’d rather sell it to Gamestop and move on.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m on Xbox one. My transfer character wouldn’t unlock so I made a new one and completed the dlc and it still didn’t unlock. This is gonna drive me insane if I can’t get this achievement.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU as you have saved me SO much time with these tips. I have already done a complete playthrough having completed every mission on each difficulty with each character including DLC characters in my Xbox 360 days (that’s 18 full playthroughs of Borderlands 2, side missions and all)… I really didn’t want to do it again. haha However, finding all named locations in the Hammerlock DLC seems to be eternally glitched for me on the Xbox One, even with your suggestion. I have scoured every centimeter of every area map for missing pieces and I am sure I have gotten everything. Plus, I revisited all of those “easy to miss” spots with 3 different characters just to be sure and no joy. I guess that achievement will just remain forever locked for me on Xbox One.

I would just like to say that I am also having this problem. Imported my save from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and only a few achievements unlocked. None of the main story missions unlocked, the level 1 challenge or level achievements didnt unlock.

Some of these were solved by just completing a challenge, or leveing up once, but all the main story missions will need to be done. Having already done them on each difficulty already it would require a new character.

Not impossible to do, but an inconvenience as I have already done it all with multiple characters.

Would be nice if there was a way to have them unlock as the game knows I have already done them. It just needs to do a force re-check of achievement requirements against in game stats.

I’ve actually wanted that in the 360 versions of the games. Lost connection to Live during a lengthy play session that unlocked about 5-6 achievements in TPS. They show in-game, but not anywhere else. According to MS support, the only way to get them is to remove and re-install my profile on the 360, then play through everything again. Ugh!