Side Mission Icons Disappearing


I’ve been running into some issues where from the map’s view, I will see exclamation points of side missions that appear to be available. However when I actually go and port to that planet, the exclamation point is now gone.

I’ve seen a few people mention this, but they all seem to have not completed the main campaign yet, and users mentioned that it was most likely due to the moving around of the NPCs. I, however, have completed the main campaign.

One example issue I’m having with now:
Pandora -> Devil’s Razor -> “Let’s Get It Vaughn”

It shows up on the map, but when I port to Devil’s Razor, the exclamation point is gone. And when I talk to Vaughn, he doesn’t have a mission available to give.

Does anyone have any idea how to address this, if it’s a known bug, if I’m doing something wrong, etc?

Also side note, is there a way to determine what side missions I still haven’t done yet? Because of the above mentioned problem, I’m unable to identify which side missions are still needing to be completed.

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Have you progressed through the main story to unlock the Carnivora map (accessed via Devil’s Razor)? If not, that’s probably why you see the exclamation mark on Devil’s Razor but then it disappears. The quest is associated with Vaughn, but the actual location it triggers in is on the Carnivora map. (The quest giver is not actually Vaughn…)

You are slightly wrong. Yes we figured out it was because the quest giver moved. However most of us with that issue Have finished the campaign. It is kind of obvious when it wants us to go back to Pandora to claim Claptrap’s antenna mission even though he is on Sanctuary 3. To fix it I ended up loading that character into a friend’s low level game and doing the side mission there.

However my friend had that issue with another mission but only cared about the weapon, not the experience. So we did it t on tvhm while working on beating tvhm with our level 50s.

I was going to make a new topic about this but I thought I’d just revive this one because I’m having this same issue. There are the next mouthpiece and the two missions that newly show up by marcus’ weapon machine, raiders of the lost rock and echonet neutrality but when I go to pandora, in the spots they’re supposed to be in, they’re not there. Why did they design the quest system like this?