Side Mission Level Scaling?

So again… I’m on a new play though with a new Siren. I’m level 29 now and why are side missions giving me level 24 weapons?

What’s the point of doing them then?

Just finished one in the anvil rescuing Hammerlock’s friend and got two level 24 weapons.

My character is level 29… WTF???

One weapon was mission reward just to be clear. Not just a drop.

The Sidequests all have a level-range in which they stay, until you complete the story without accepting them before. After you beat the story, all quests should scale with your character’s level.


I think NVHM does not scale, you need Mayem Mode to scale NVHM.

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I’m not quite sure atm, would’ve to check, but I think the Areas scale to the level you had when first beating the story and keep scaling with you when you have mayhem mode active.