Side missions by map

Am I missing something or is there no way to categorize the side missions by map or at least by the map you are currently on? Were other BL like this? I don’t remember tbh but I thought you could categorize your missions by your current map somehow. It’s kind of annoying that all my side missions from all maps are just in one long list.

There is a filter button in the mission log. On Xbone it is X (which is also the revive button, just to give a reference on what button to try on your chosen system)

Thanks I didn’t even see it at the bottom there. I’m blind.

You’re welcome. I definitely can’t say I blame your vision because the readability in this game is quite horrible. I have no idea what they were thinking giving us such tiny text with no way of adjusting it for those of us that can’t read smurf-sized print.

Now I just want to know WTF it doesn’t STAY on the selection I make. I have to change how it categorizes the missions EVERY time I open the window? This is especially stupid considering I can’t track more than one mission at a time forcing you to switch between the map and the missions window constantly. WTF Gearbox.

The fun part is when the sort feature doesn’t work at all. It will list the quests by location but will not group them together. It’ll instead have multiple listings for the same location, really confusing.

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