Side missions disappearing

Hi Guys,

Seen this topic be spoken about frequently but never really get answered!

For those who don’t know what I’m on about, I’ll be in one location then I’ll go to travel to another location which has the ‘!’ marker for a side quest, yet when I travel to the location and open the map the marker has disappeared.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you talking about the ! that sometimes appears beside the location name in the FT menu, or the ! in a :large_orange_diamond: on the actual map itself?

The latter

It happens when a character who gives a quest moves from the location.

For example the antenna quest for Claptrap: he gives it in the Droughts at first, then he moves to Sanctuary. The map in the Droughts will show a ! when you’re NOT there, but the quest will be given in Sanctuary.

Npcs move to sanctuary. Thats why.

But… I played this game in co op with my wife on her map the quest. Would not show and id see it on my map. Until she got closer to the npc she coukdnt see available quest.

I hope thats not what ur going through cuz that sucks. I figured it was a co op issue

Thank you for your replies guys! That is such a stupid and silly aspect which needs to be fixed ASAP! Anyways to rectify this?

Not really - you just need to find the person with the mission. Some of them you can also pick up at a bounty board on one of the related maps, so don’t be surprised if there are multiple ! markers for the same quest.

Well I know Moxxi has a mission for me, walk up to her, click ‘talk’ and she just rambles on about some rubbish.

Which mission is it that you’re looking for?

Sorry for the delayed response, I wasn’t feeling too great!

The following missions I’m having issues with;

Ratch’d up
Bad reception
The Kevin konumdrum
Baby dancer
Just a ■■■■■

Every time I walk to claptrap he says “I’ve got a job for you” click the key to talk to him and he just talks his usual rubbish.