Side quest help? Please

Have 2 quests in southern shelf I can’t do at all. No marker to pick then up. Bounty board doesn’t work. I need to be able to do these close to finishing all side mission achievements. Someone please help.

I can help

PLease. My Gamertag is Skelitonjiggy. I need help.

I’ll have to do it tomorrow now. Sorry >.< Easiest way I can think is have someone else who has the game take you through on those quests

Since you mention that you’re close to finishing the game, I assume you’ve already been to Sanctuary. Did you check with Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s bar? He dishes out a couple of quests in person, and takes them with him once you defeat Flynt and sail to Sanctuary.

vaulthunter 101 is on the money