Side quests aren't showing up

Hi guys

First time here and I need some help: besides the awful framerate, side quests avaiable on TPS (PS4) are not showing up for me as you can see in the pics below. What can I do? It’s extremely annoying that the game is forcing me to enter in every single map to check if there is a side quest avaiable.

What happens when you toggle the sort order on the mission list? IIRC there’s one mode that shows only active missions and one that shows all by region (along with sort by difficulty and… something else)

Nothing happens (except that it changes to alphabetical order).

Having the same bug on BL 2

I just can’t play this freaking game without a single side mission showing up for me

Brand new character or one you imported from last gen?

New character but I own a copy of BL 2 on xbox

Sorry I totally misunderstood what you said in your original post. The same thing is in my game too I believe. The only side quest that actually showed up in my mission list was one that becomes available after the main missions are completed. I don’t know if other ones would have shown up though because I’d already completed them all.