Side quests spoilers alert

Hello im just gonna ask where are the side quests ? in borderlands 2 i could not count the side quests i could get from sanctuary only on my fingers now in borderlands 3 i could barely get 10 and im level 23 atm ? im currently on the mission to go to eden-6 anyone above my current state can share any info should i expect a change in the number of the side quests or ?

You have to go back to each specific level. There will be more later on. I think BL3 has just as many sidequests as BL2.

im constantly checking all maps to see if there is side quest

So, I just pulled up the mission log. Main story quests get included, but each page holds about 17 quests before I need to scroll. I had 3 full pages of quests, and I think I’ve done 80% of the sidequests from what I can see. I have completed the main campaign and had been doing every single sidequest I naturally came across up until the completion of Eden-6. Upon returning to each world, there were more sidequests. They will be there, promise.

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