Sidequests or not?

hi, ive been seeing people say that you shouldnt do sidequests at all on your first playthrough because you want to save them for xp on the next playthrough? is this true?


I’ve asked this a few times, ditto whether T-Caches reset. Have yet to find any info or get a response. Good luck.

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I always do sidequests, they are often the most fun.
They reset for each playthrough so there is plenty of XP for all.


up to you. Since this is a new game I am doing all side quest and exploration on my first playthrough.

Then once I finish the story and all. onto tvhm to max it out.

on my first playthrough on my next character i will focus on finishing the main quest only. so that rewards on the side missions will scale on me. this will be the same for normal and tvhm.


I didn’t do them in my first play through, and now they all scaled up to my current level at 42

I do them all. One of the reasons why i play :smiley:

Eh I feel like the rewards aren’t as good. I remember BL2/TPS the side quest gear was some of the best stuff in the game. Like the sniper that ignores shields, Law and Order for melee classes, Moxxi’s vibra… beam rifle thingy and the Oz Kit that turns oxygen pick ups into health. Hell there was a whole strategy built around ignoring all those side quest till you maxed level to boost the rewards to give max level gear and keep them forever.

I have finished the story, and because of the way Guardian levels work, it is a waste of time to do side quests your first playthrough. Rush the first playthrough, then enjoy yourself.

There are some really stellar rewards. Moxxi’s stuff gives an incredible shield early.

I did a few side quests at the start but now stick to main missions. By doing main missions only I’m usually 1 or 2 levels higher than enemies. Unfortunately the loot is also several levels below my current level. I can’t imagine what the level difference will be if you do all the side quests as well.
I’m planning on doing everything on TVHM.

How to know if I have done all side quests ?

If there are no exclamation marks on the map there are no side missions left ?

The general strategy is this:

First playthrough, do what you want. Do the sidequests for experience if you want. There is no downside of doing sidequests on your first playthrough.

On the second playthrough you may want to do the main storyline first and then come back and do the sidequests once your character is maxed out on level 50. The reason for this is that the loot and reward is scaled to your level when you start the quest, so if you start a quest at level 40 then the weapon you earn as a reward for completing it will be a level 40, but if you wait to level 50 to start the quest then your reward weapon will be level 50.

This was much more important in Borderlands 2 where several of the side quest rewarded legendary items.

Alternatively you can just ignore that strategy entirely, play the game however you want, and then just loot farm for the level 50 stuff you want when you’ve done everything else. I don’t know of any “must have” legendary rewards with this game.

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What defines “starting a quest” (for level setting of the quest)? Accepting it or actual doing something on it?

I’m doing them all on my first run. Not sure if they’ll be there on the 2nd or subsequent runs, but I want to experience them with FL4K first. Just a personal preference thing I guess.

WITH Second playthrough you mean playing whole main story in TVHM mode with same character again and repeat boss fights until you got level 50 again and then do sidequests?

Or am I level 50 when I begin TVHM so I don’t start again at level 1. ?

What about Myhem ?
Better do Mayhem first ?

Hope I did no mistake… I played nearly all side missions so far ( level 16 first playthrough) and never restarted a boss fight when I didn’t get a legendary weapon…

Exactly, with soooooooooo many weapons available I can’t imagine any one weapon would be worth waiting for max rank to acquire.

Accepting the quest start it. You do not want to accept any side quests if you’re going to hold off until you’re level 50. Once you’ve clicked Accept, the mission has started and the level is locked in.


Assuming this plays like BL2, then Normal Mode locks enemies and loot at level 35 maximum. TVHM locks loot and enemies at level 50 Maximum

Since BL3 doesn’t have an UVHM yet, it’s locked at a level 50 Maximum, so once you hit level 50 you can do anything you want. Enemies won’t get any higher in level and neither will loot. You’ll just get more of it. At this point you can go into loot farming and try to get the best possible loot to go with your character build in preparation for the inevitable UVHM upgrade release.

I save all my side quests so I can get the reward at the highest level possible.

Learned that from BL2.


Nope, no mistake, do all sides in normal mode, that way when you hit TVHM, you Know which sides are worth saving for max level and which ones are only good for XP.

No, as in BL 2, if you end normal mode at L30 then in true you start at L30, and all missions and sides reset to be done all over again