Siege of castle crimson - stuck

I’m stuck on the mission/area “siege of castle crimson”. Dlc 4.

I went up the stair case from the hot and unbothered people. Went past a save point and two vending machines. Here I saved and quit and then loaded back in an hour later.

From there I dropped down into a big room (felt very much like it would be a boss fight in that room because of the drop into it). And then nothing. Big empty room. Nowhere to go. Nothing to fight. Or shoot.

I saved quit and loaded back in twice. Same result. Anyone else have this problem?

Make sure your quest is the dlc4 quest. If you change the quest, your destination markers will not be correct and could possibly not allow the boss to spawn if you still have objectives to complete before fighting the boss.

I’m going to start the dlc with a different save file and see if I can get farther. This kind of bug is just … awkward.

It’s still not working. No matter which mission I have selected.

I think I may have had the side mission selected the first time I dropped down in there.

Or maybe it’s because I saved and quit right before the boss room?

I’ll post back here if I make it past there on a different file.

On a different character I didn’t experience the problem. So I think I must have save and quit at the wrong time on my other character. I’ll have to attempt fixing my other character via split screen hosting with my other profile and running through those missions on that profile. That will likely fix it for that one.

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I am stuck here too. It’s in the area past Evil Brick and Mordecai who no longer spawn either. Can’t progress at all to finish the assault on meat castle and shoot the moon. Have tried save quit, changing modifiers everything. Nothing works.