Sigh i miss when classmods were good

Am i the only one who questions why classmods seem so pathetic in this game? i remember in 2 it was +6 in five set skills and a boost of some kind (Move faster in gunzerk ect) and a com specific stat (Max hp, melee ect)
Now we get a max of 5 points all randomized a boost that barely counts as a boost Because of certain anointments (Looking at you +1 rakk and 100% splash damage) Not to mention Why is 25% melee damage 25%sniper damage and 50% assault rifles accuracy on a single com? XD

I feel like I’m better off just using normal coms 90% of the time, it just feels too random for how rare some are… i wish they would at least meet me half way in this 3 skills and a set amount of points per skill +5 in 5 +3 in 3 Ect
Also give us a useful bonus for legendaries at least XD no more sniper damage bonus on my splash moze or nelee amara Please XD

Thank you for reading my rant I’m sure I’m just frustrated Because i can’t find a +5 stainless steel bear trooper com even though I’ve been farming since release XD


Yeah I do miss the old ones. Not to mention seeing wacky name title as well. All I see is “Operator”. I’m like I know I am but I want a COM title to appear near my heath bar.

I didn’t get to play BL2 fully but they’re many good COMs. Including blue ones too if I remembered correctly


I was thinking of making a thread about this myself a few days ago as I feel the same way . Let’s take the legendary Soldier class mod . When you found that you KNEW you were getting all first tier skills +5 with the passives being +Gun damage, + fire rate , + cooldown. The values of the passives might be different but at least they were always useful . Right now I don’t think I have anything that useful even after hundreds of hours playing .


Seeing Dead makes most Zane’s wreck face. For the most part.

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yeah it feels like for the most part you’re looking for the legendary effect with a com rather than the bonuses it provides at this point, because the random bonuses usually don’t mesh well. and G-rolls on mods are even harder to get with the loot pool how it is.


It’s still available and playable, so nothing is stopping you :slight_smile:

I agree that legendary COMs feel very different in this game - they almost are like an extra skill with their special effect.

In general I find that I am mostly evaluating COMs by their passive boosts, skills somehow I find hard to grasp. Which effectively means I’m treating them as relics…


Yes +5 points to skills in total does feel very underwhelming compared to BL2 coms. What did they have, +20 points? +25?
I feel like all coms should give us at least +1 point to a one pointer, +3 to a three pointer, and +5 to two five pointers. With each individual skill bonus choosen randomly from two applicable skills of that type. Applicable skills being the ones that synergize the most with the class mod’s unique legendary bonus.


How would that work? 1-pointers are basically a Yes/No toggle for some special ability effect, e.g. Pet reviving FL4K. What would you do to boost it?

Some of them are. Many of them have associated bonuses, however.

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Omg I miss this so much. I remember feeling an extra sense of power killing things as a chaotic evil monk.


Fl4k’s “head on a stick” is an example of a 1 point skill that can be buffed by a com.

For some this would be an issue; 90% of players would ignore them; mindsweeper with +5 to “torgue cross promotion” for example - 15% chance you blow yourself up; not good

My issue is the developers using coms to cover up character weaknesses.

So I have to equip a com to make iron bear a beast in m4? Is anyone ever going to unequip Zane’s new com? They might as well stop making coms for zane now, because how do you top that?


I started a similar post in the moze section, her mods are all flawed and she is the only one without a kill skill mod. It’s no secret she is by far the least viable character as the game currently sits and I firmly believe she needs a com like zanes seein dead however instead of the 20% damage boost to kill skills she needs a new form of healing.

I hear your frustration with trying to get a bear trooper com. Its no fun. However, very few are going to say that See’in Dead class mod doesnt make Zane more powerful or Spiritual Driver is not a good class mod for Amara.

Apologies for a self-quote: I think I figured out what annoys me about COMs, especially legendary ones - they do not spell out skills they boost, only giving you a small picture/glyph of an impacted skill. I don’t remember what all of them stand for :frowning: , and that is even if I can tell them apart from a couch.

BL1/2 were more user friendly in that regard - they always told you what COMs did in plain text.


Hah. BL3 is textually challenged in general.


As a Zane main I’m really annoyed bout the fact that all CM’s are so underwhelming compared to Seein Dead.

  • Antifreeze is meh and doesn’t do what the name says ANTI-freeze as in IMMUNE to slow debuff. The while sliding/airborne bonuses could use a small buff
  • Techspert… Don’t even get me started on this one. Kill skill. +5% chance on kill to recharge SNTL cooldown and duration?! Super obsolete class mod since we have either Seein Dead or CCC to keep our skills up.
  • Cold Warrior. When an enemy is frozen, a random status effect is applied. There’s not a single situation I can think of that this is useful also probably scales really bad with higher mayhem modes. Just give a flat bonus Cryo damage and Cryo efficiency and this would be somewhat useful. Or make something cool like a circle of ice shards (kinda like a nova) when you kill a frozen enemy.
  • Infiltrator. Zane gains increased weapon damage and movement speed. The lower his shield, the greater the bonus. When an action skill is activated, his shield is depleted. Would make for a pretty gimmicky build. Never really used it because I’m mostly using builds that keep up my action skills. This CM is ANTI CCC. The only useful thing are extra points in VM.
  • Executor. When an enemy is killed, Zane gains increased accuracy, handling, critical hit damage, status effect damage and status effect chance Again haven’t really tested this but it requires you to kill an enemy before it’s useful. Also don’t know how long the bonus lasts. Again I just feel like Seein Dead is doing things way better. Maybe this CM would shine if it worked the same as Seein Dead (damaging an enemy) so you can trigger the bonuses without having to kill an enemy first.
  • Shockerator… Ahahahaha…haha…hah. Right… Should have some kind of cool effect like the Banjo. Something like Every shot from zane or his clone has a chance to chain (10% I dunno) to enemies (max 3 enemies). I dunno just a random idea that pops up.
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All Of Moze’s ClassMods Are Garbage. Honestly, I Just Want To Plunk Iron Bear Out Like A Turret And Keep Firing And Throwing Grenades. I Get That They Didn’t Want To Copy/Paste Roland And Axton, But That Turret Is The Strength Of The Gunner Class, IMO.

I agree… Auto bear should be an inherent skill or maybe have it’s own skill tree . There is now way it should be a purchasable skill half way down a tree