*sigh* I see Galilea is back to being busted again

granted I haven’t played in a long time, but I don’t remember her having an aoe PULL before…so back to just “pull, silence stunn, melee combo” all at once…not fun.

When i saw this topic title i expected something completely different :joy:
Since the latest nerf her effectiveness isn’t quite what it was. She can be pretty devastating in a 1v1 scenario but she has counters too.

She has always had the aoe pull. Also she isn’t as overwhelming as she was 2 weeks ago.

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Yeah I remember she’s not as bad as she was at LAUNCH (COMPLETELY BROKEN because gearbox decided it was a good idea for a single character to have every skill in the game off one button press haha) but she definitely feels harder to deal with then she had been for most of the year.

I mean you can’t counter her when you can’t MOVE.

maybe I just had bad matches then. Never noticed the pull before.

Then again I’m new to Ambra (Used to playing characters with more range or Shayne) who quite literally can’t do crap at early levels.

Because she is, good tanking, good damage, and AOE slow, AND a boomerang, you can’t beat that

Pretty sure it was meant that Ambra can’t do anything at early levels. Which is half true. If she’s with somebody that damage amp is nasssty

Ah yeah, I parsed that wrong. Although Ambra only needs level 3 to be an awesome healer, level 4 to be outright dangerous (ritual of repulsion), and level 5 to be immortal. So I’d say she’s very much an early-game BB too.

Oh you and your silly misconceptions about the games strongest character at every level forever through all buffs and nerfs over all of time and history


My point is that she’s actually pretty good early game as long as you take Illumination. It bumps her beginning potential up by a great bit, as well as wave clear. Sunspotter is a strong late game helix

Yep, since beta

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Galilea actually has the lowest DPS of the melee mains at the moment, barring laser swords. Her CC is still dangerous, no doubt, but she’s far from the immortal monster she was in beta. She can aggravate the hell out of you, certainly, but her actual ability to kill you solo is wimpy these days.

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I think the Pull is a mutation, so you’d have to face a galilea with some levels to see it. Shes not “Broken” so much as still top-tier and always picked and fits into every team comp and works well on any map or game mode.


I use her quite often and she isn’t the beast that she used to be, her damage is a bit lacking, i used to speck on attack speed but end up getting the option to get corruption faster to make up for the lack of attack melee damage.

as for her pull it’s always been there, not sure if you never saw one use it or just people that didn’t spec into it.