{Sigh} Me And Zane

Zane dies more than most, he actually can handle bosses, but he generally gets killed quiet easily otherwise.

Can anyone give me a “hints” on keeping Zane alive?

His skill sets are “double agent” and his “shieldy-thing”.
Also, I screwed up when I bought grenade upgrades, so if I would make another Zane, no grenade upgrades.

My Zane is around level 57, and I really hate dying. His next set of missions are back on Pandora, and the major bad {rectum} is the Agonizer 9000 {aka Pain and Terror {aka Penn and Teller}}.

After he hits level 65 (for now) I will probably NOT play him much, if ever.

Thank you for any advice you may have, and have a good day!

Have you tried looking into the “Zane” section of forums ?

Zane is relatively easy to make survivable, even easier if you have the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

Generally speaking Zane’s green tree is not particularily good. That’s not bashing your build or anything, it’s just a fact. Zane’s best source of survivability comes from a Tier 2 skill in the blue Hitman tree called Salvation. It is a kill skill that grants you lifesteal, 2% for each rank.

If you have some damage in your build (which really should be the case) all you need to do is achieve a kill and you can get yourself up back to full in an instant, pretty much.

If just getting a kill isn’t an option, there’s two things you could fall back on:

  1. Seein’ Red. Activates all of your kill skills whenever you activate an action skill. Works perfectly fine, but you need to invest heavily into the blue tree to get there (it’s the capstone) and even then the issue is that Zane doesn’t activate his action skills all that often because they last long (though if you are planning to get the Designers Cut DLC next month, it gives Zane access to a very spammable shoulder canon and a new tree entirely).

  2. Seein’ Dead. Notorious for being almost obligatory when playing Zane in the endgame and easily his best legendary class mod. Whenever you damage an enemy you have a chance to activate all of your kill skills and you also gain a boost to kill skill power. By far the easiest option, but requires you to own (and play) the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

For lv. 57 without Mayhem Mode, a decent Zane build would like something like this. Generally speaking, don’t go down the Green Tree beyond Confident Competence. The main reason to put any points there is Brain Freeze. For this example I went down the red tree all the way to double barrel but if you don’t actually want the Clone to use your weapon you can stop at Supersonic Man.
From that point there to 65 you’ll want to invest further into the blue tree, all the way to Seein’ Red. Note that Zane’s best damage source (and thus also the thing that will help Salvation make you basically unkillable) is Violent Momentum, so be sure to move around at least a little bit when shooting.

Not neccessarily. I mean, ammo and backpack space are going to be more important than grenades, but it’s only money, so it’s easy enough to come by, anyways. You mentioned that you are probably aren’t going to be playing Zane that much more, but if you still somehow end up doing so, it probably won’t take that long until you’ve maxed out all the other SDUs and have a load of spare cash lying around.


You can skill the clone and drone to use grenades and your clone to use up to three grenades for a boost.

put a point in salvation and max out blue tree

you are good now roll out

Do you mean you put skill points in grenade skills that were a waste? If so, you can respec and refund all your spent skill points

get handsome jackpot and get his only decent classmod :smiley:

they buffed the others but “seeing dead” is still pretty much the best mod you can use…

Well… first off I guess I don’t “understand” Zane. I will make some changes after I buy some upgrades in Sanctuary 3 and follow your examples (PS: thank you guys!) you have made some good advice!


I agree that his green tree isn’t super great, but it does give you access to his dome shield. Picking this up makes you invulnerable to all ranged attacks. You can even make it last forever during a fight, in two ways:

  • Seein’ Dead classmod, plus Good Misfortune in the blue tree (it gives +duration for action skills per kill, and Seein’ Dead triggers this with just hitting stuff)
  • Brainfreeze+ Calm, Cool, Collected in the green tree. Freeze with crits, get action skills refreshed for freezing dudes

Additionally, if you are invested in the green tree, you can also get the Deterrence Field augment for your shield, which will also protect you pretty well against melee attackers.

also imho, if you don’t realy have great aim go for the clone :slight_smile:
have pretty good aim (can land crits 90% of the time) go for drone (it does radiation damage wich most of the times explodes groups of enemies, at least for me hahaha practicaly 1 shotting a lot of enemies)

also he’s great with cryo damage (freezing enemies also makes him realy easy to play)
oh and pair that with an ice breaker artifact for even more damage haha

if having trouble finding good items i’d suggest looking on a trading forum or make some friends :wink:

Ironically enough Zane has way better surviability at Mayhem 10 than Mayhem 0 due to how much damage you out put at Mayhem 10.

For leveling up, get some points into Salvation if you are using a Seein’ Dead, along with points into Donnybrook. It would also help to use Ready For Action or even Rise to the Occasion while leveling up for shield improvements and extra healing.

At level 57, you should have enough points to make an almost complete build, getting any Seein’ Dead, throwing points into Salvation and Donnybrook for healing along with Violent Speed and Supersonic Man for speed, helping you avoid attacks by running, should give you all the survivability you need.

I should also note that the clone is noticably weaker while leveling up due to the lack of Mayhem scaling. It’s probably better for you to use drone barrier until you are able to play on higher mayhem difficulties.