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To me the appeal is not so much about the gear, which is awesome, but the reinforcements mechanic that adds more enemies and badasses to the mix wherever you are, it is to me a better mayhem mechanic than Mayhem 2.0, curiously released the same day.

And when you do get into Villa Ultraviolet, the soundtrack is just the best, couldn’t get enough of it.

My two cents.

I enjoyed the Cartel event while coupled with Loot the Universe. If Loot the Universe is not active, then the Cartel event becomes more… “meh” for me.

I also originally thought the Cartel event would have three distinct maps, one for each faction, that then fed into a central map for the big boss. Instead we have one map with randomized factions inhabiting it. So for me, the runs become a bit tiresome after awhile going over the same map each time.

In terms of permanent versus seasonal, I am OK with a seasonal version in its current state. I would not pay money for the current version made permanent. However, I might consider it if they expanded into three maps (of comparable size to the current one), one for each faction. And then I would expect a price point somewhere between the BL2 Headhunter packs and say, $5 US, depending on how much more they provided (and if the Loot the Universe portion were a part of it).

I wouldn’t mind if the zones were accessible permanently but with standard world drops. The events with ghosts and cartel guys spawning everywhere could still be seasonal/limited and that’s when you could get the OPQ, Fearmonger, etc. and the event anointments.


I would say that instead of these vault cards they should have added “cards” or “tokens” (you name it) as a world drop and then you can exchange that to go for a round at maurice for:
Cartel, Captain haunt, etc…

I really feel like wasted time from a game development perspective that you have these assets yet if the servers are down you will no longer be able to experience the events.

I’d really, really like this. I started playing BL3 late, and the missed events (also cosmetics) are a bit of a downer. One of the reasons why I stopped playing MMOs and other online-focused games (with seasons, battle passes, etc) is that I’d inevitably miss out on content and stuff if I didn’t play at specific times. That introduced an unnecessary element of stress and pressure that would always taint the experience.


personally you can easily just make all the events a vault card and add a few pieces of gear to the whole thing
all rewards become rewards for the card
card activates the event

honestly this VC thing could be done so well with the following VCs

1- raidboss time, adds multiple new stackable / evolvable ( and also rebalanced) bosses to the game and makes vermi spawnable from varkids, killing ANY invincible can become a quest, doing takedowns and other things aswell, all of these also have 1 special piece of loot they can drop
stuff like, mothrakk, skagzilla, OOO, hyperius, master gee, terramorphus, stalker raidboss and so on.

2- season pass 1 - basically makes during its activation dlc enemies spawn ANYWHERE in the game

3- seasonal events + summer and winter event + map
each week the weekly quest will change the current event OR make it a choose it yourself thing
4- arms race- basically changing the entire games balancing to arms race balancing and only lets you have progress while wearing no more then 2 legendaries at a time
so you cant have 2 legendarie guns and a granade mod, you rly have to chose between purples and legendaries
this could give bl-1 style rewards like bl 1 style weapons

5- to the moon- basically making the entire game floaty like some maps and making laser weapons drop / pre sequel rewards that are unique to that

6- hunt the pearl, making pearls able to drop- drastically increases tubby spawn chances,

most of these ask for new enemies n ■■■■. adding CONTENT to the game

Still waiting with drooling skag breath for the “seasonal event”.

Yeah it’s glitchy and at times frustrating but it was a hell of a lot of fun. Those cartel characters added to base game maps made some areas like the Anvil chaotic, and the Mansion map was great.

Me too, Rumplebunny.

I’d pay for it too, just for the OPQ rifle drops!