Signature Help Please

So I’ve had this signature for about 10 years. It’s gone through a few transformations ranging from removal of some text on top and changing the player. Really love this signature, but I need to make a huge change to it.

This time I need to change part of the text from “St. Louis” to “Los Angeles”. I was able to change my avatar text no problem, but this one is a bit more extensive because of the picture and because I do not know what the font is.


First: Does anyone know what the font is (or word art if that’s what it is)? Really want keep this as close to the original text as possible.

Second: Is there anything I can do to remove “St. Louis” and add “Los Angeles” without ruining the whole bottom part?

My Photoshop skills are not necessarily the best, but I guess I should start somewhere. :acmsmirk:

Well, after some advice of how to approach it, here’s what I got. Think it came out nicely. :slight_smile: