Signed up fot tech test

signed up for the technical test and preordered yes

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Meaning to tell us what exactly…?

Do you want to push your chances to get into the CTT by telling everyone that you preordered?
Considering that this wasn’t even neccesary, it’s kinda…

nice response, I hope you aren’t typical of Battleborn players.

I think what TheFunFighter meant to say was that there are already other active threads discussing both pre-orders and technical test sign-ups. We’re all excited for the game, and adding your excitement to an existing thread would help more than starting your own.


I just can’t see any reason in this thread.
In an attempt to ironically recreate your statement: I hope you aren’t typical of Forum posters.
Because that would be a giant load of empty threads.

Now back to being nice:
As Tigershard said: Please think about if your statements require a new thread.

There really isn’t any need for this kind of drama here.

In future, @TheFunfighter, if you don’t like a thread: ignore it, or report it. Don’t post in it. Thanks.

In the event that anyone suspects that a thread isn’t necessary, flag it, and the team will look into it.