Signup for Battleborn Closed Technical Test *Test date announced Oct 29th*

Link below:


Done and done


I was signed up in 4 seconds of the moment it came on screen. I think I can claim ‘First’ rights. :blush:


just going to change the title a little, okay?


is there any way for Gearbox to recognize that my Steam account has like 2342237497 hours of playing time for all 3 Borderlands games ? because i think that should put me higher up on the waiting list.


Done. Good thing I bought my PS4 relatively early!

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I assume since 'Straya isn’t even in the top list of countries to choose from we won’t be getting in? lol
@Jythri say it ain’t so, oh say it ain’t so ;-;


Done and done. Signed for it as soon as I saw it on Twitter.

How will people be notified if they’ve been selected?
Hopefully other means besides Email. :frowning:

Hopefully a PM here. Hardly check my own E-mail.

My issue is that I deleted the email account that was related to my SHIFT account, so I wouldn’t be able to check it even if I wanted to. SHIFT also doesn’t allow you to “Change Emails” I think, and I don’t think making a new SHIFT would allow me to keep all my stuff that I’ve unlocked thus far…

Here’s to hoping it all works out. :wink:

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I tried to sign up as soon as it was announced at the panel, but phone my phone reception was horrible in the theater. Just signed up now, so hope I get in :smile_cat:

Signed in, obviously. Hope i’ll get selected… They might need to test the French connection… French Connection? Someone? No? Ok.

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you need a linux platform button. i’ll be trying it throw playonlinux/wine if I have to, or windows if i’m absolutely forced.

Pick me!

You can see how BattleBorn performs on a terrible connection, which is important if GBX wants BattleBorn to be popular worldwide and last for a long time.


So is this a form of Beta, or (how I suspect) a technical test to prepare the Beta?

We don’t know any more than the info on that page. Looks like it’s a closed technical test, or some kind of beta.

What is the difference between a closed technical test and a closed beta? =)

Nobody knows…

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Because the question is, whether this is our only chance to pre test or not.
Although i now got a feeling for what Randy Pitchford meant with “… Beta that gradually becomes more and more open.”
So i guess there will be a another wave of granting Beta access, once the technical tests are done.