Silence the Voices and Fuel the Blood

Does anyone know the issue of how Krieg’s Silence the Voices self-hits’ damage ramps up when Fuel the Blood is active? It’s doing more than one million damage to player at OP8. Thankfully you have 3 million health with RR. But then your enemies are still attacking you and StV hits again and you’re dead. Why? For the glory of RNG of course!

I know this is easily countered by throwing the axe when the kill skill is active, but still, there are situations where meleeing enemies are better than throwing axes at them even when the kill skill is active and giving massive damage bonus to thrown axes. Like fighting Badass Psychos.

I’ve been looking for this info in Krieg’s guide if it has been mentioned but there is nothing. The closest one was a link to the oldforum and it doesn’t work.

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Unfortunately we lost a lot of information when the forums changed to this one. I wish we still had that information, but I think the reason it does extra damage is because of the increased explosive damage. Anyway, I’m still able to face-tank enemies with it active, so I won’t spec out of it. Hopefully somebody saved that information so it can be ported over here.

As far as I remember there weren’t any info of the subject at the old forums outside of a few ocasional mentions. I first thought that StV’s damage to self was based on grenade damage but if I recall correctly it doesn’t seem to scale with bloodlust stacks.

But yeah, it makes pure melee at the peak shi† when you’re fighting slagged centurion spiderants. The increase in damage is the reason why I don’t spec into it.

I could have sworn @DankRafft mentioned it in his old Krieg guide; I’ll have to check it again to be sure.

I’ve posted the formula for it in the old forums somewhere but I can’t remember it. Sorry. The only thing I remember is that it’s a fixed amount of damage scaled per level of the character (including OP levels) and based on the character’s base melee damage. AFAIR it was counted as explosive splash damage. That’s why it’s increased by Fuel the Blood.
Damn, it has been a long time since I played BL2 and especially Krieg the last time.

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Did the damage to self changed with and without a charged shield (to check if the explosive’s x0.8 mod applies to shield)? I thought the extra damage was added on top of the normal damage instead of being a result from the skill’s buff since it appears you’ll recieve the same damage regardless you have 1 or 100 bl stacks.

Looks like some testing is in order. Who’s up for it? :dukecheese:

That’s interesting. Never thought of it before.

Unfortunately I’m busy :frowning: