Silence the Voices, yes or not?

I have some problems with this skill, if i spend 5 points in it i have 12% chance of hitting myself, but when i am sorrounded by enemy i can hit myself even two consecutive times which means go to FFYL and it’s quite annoying. I have tried to play without it but then i can’t damage the enemies enough to prevent FFYL. This is my build

For some reasons i never had trouble in NVHM and THVM but now playing with krieg is harder than the other character for me, should i change my build and how?

Yes. Go with this instead.

ok so redeem the soul is for the extra FFYL time and fuel the blood for the +10 bloodlust stacks but why bloodbath? is the buzzaxe consider a weapon?

You never need it if you’re playing with the right gear and build at op 0.

Okay. Strange question, but run with me.

How’ve you been slagging?

Because Blood Bath and Fuel the Blood make Bloodsplosion much more powerful.

i didn’t figure it out by reading the descriptions, i’ll try.

Here’s a guide if you want any further help with your skill choices.

I use a florentine, slag rapier or melee grog nozzle, my shields are inflammable flame of the firehawk, hide of terra, rough rider. Should i use an antagonist? The problem is when i face stronger enemy that have more health like badass/ultimate badass, i hit myself twice before they’re dead, can’t see anything and go in FFYL

I use the Rough Rider and a resistance relic with StV. The damage difference between using a roid shield and without is not that hard outside of BxR and RtB. If you like to Rapier rush though you will notice the difference.

For StV, you should be using the Rough Rider, an Evolution, or an Adaptive shield. If you decide to go above level 72, you’ll also need a blood of the ancients as well, but they’re pretty easy to get from the midgets that pop out during Doctor’s Orders. You can also get rid of StV and go with the Hide, but you’ll want to look for a good rage sickle for the extra melee damage. And StV @ 5/5 sucks; if it isn’t at least 10/5, don’t use it. You’ll smack yourself in the face the same amount of times, but there’s a huge difference between doing 250% extra melee damage versus 500 or 550%. The former isn’t worth the risks, but the later definitely is.

This is how I play him on OP 8, except I swapped the slag grenade for an OP 8 Storm Front to strip shields, build BL stacks, and sometimes process Blood bath, but the concept is still the same, just with fewer skill points:

in a few words i should tank the enemies when using StV and a +6 sickle class mod, with a rough rider and a blood of the ancients/health relic. That sounds good, maybe focus all on damage is not a good choice after all. What gear i shoud use without StV?

It depends on how you want to play Krieg. I was able to smack enemies around in Release the Beast using a Legendary Reaper and no StV until about OP 4ish. I had more skill points to work with, but level 61 shouldn’t be that much harder as long as you’re slagging first. I would use a low level slag bouncing betty/biddy/bonnie/crossfire to keep your enemies slagged while you’re rampaging because K puts away all of his weaponry when he’s rampaging (his ax is technically a pistol, which is why the Sheriff’s Badge increases how often he can throw it). ACNAero’s build is good, and if you’re going up to 72, work towards mine without StV unless you come across a legendary sickle/blue scream sickle COM.

By the way, the Legendary Psycho COM is only level 50 and adds +5 to both Feed the Meat and Empty the Rage, so it’ll help with keeping you alive while rampaging (extra health) and killing your enemies (extra melee damage). The biggest thing to remember is to time your rampages properly: don’t rampage unless you’re at 33% or less health. That way you’ll activate Release the Beast and get the extra 100% melee damage and 50% damage resistance. Both really help out a lot.

At least through 72, you don’t need StV. I got by just fine using a Hide of Terra without speccing into StV. Once you get into the OP levels, it can start to be a little bit different, but you can figure out for yourself when you hit that breaking point; it’s slightly different for different people.

That’s how I built my Krieg up to 72; relied heavily on RtB and then throwing massive amounts of explosive damage down range when I wasn’t beasting. It worked really well, I used it with a Flesh Crunch mod because I really liked how Light the Fuse worked, but you can play around with that if you’re not interested in that particular skill.

Ok thanks you all for the good advices, i will try these build and hope that playing as krieg returns to be funny as it was in TVHM.

@ Gulfwulf Nice guide btw, looks like i have to study more!

A melee prefix or eviscerating grog nozzle will actually lower krieg’s melee damage. Just a heads up in case you didn’t realise.

That goes for any bladed weapon aside from the Law and the Rapier because the former has a 100% bonus and the later a 200%.

I’m late to the party as always, but my two cents is go without.

If you have no problem staying alive while going on a melee rampage, the boost from StV isn’t really useful. Especially when you consider the cons. Not only will you damage yourself, it’s less DPS (as you have to wait for the hit yourself animation), may indirectly lead to your death if you need that kill to restore health, or down yourself in a bad spot where you can’t hit enemies.

And since you seem to be on UVHM, I’m guessing you’re at least level 55 or higher. Empty the Rage and RtB when on fire with Numbed Nerves. You may not get the extra 250-500% melee from StV, but it’s really difficult to actually die. Can’t do more DPS if you’re dead.

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A Bloodlust-Mania Krieg gets in serious trouble when he’s not killing quickly because he’s relying exclusively on kills to heal.

So unless you plan on taking your time killing ■■■■ and getting acquainted with FFYL more often, it’s best to spec StV.

Ok i have tried ACNAero build with the rough rider, blood of the ancients and a +5 mod in StV doing 3 runs on the WEP from the start and i died only 1 time because of three rabid stalker and a legendary loot engineer, i also did the 5 rounds of the creature dome without dying wich is good i guess. Now bloodsplosion is much more powerful than before

Ehm no, why? Doesn’t the game add a +50% melee damage while not rampaging?

This is exactly the problem i had, also the visual effect it does when i hit myself twice… i just can’t see the enemies