Silent server shutdown?

Hi. So I’ve been getting an error after every game played that it couldn’t retrieve match data. I can’t get any of the daylies or lore challenges done because of it since the counter just “resets”.

I contacted support and they said it’s because servers have been shutdown. Is that really true though? I mean, I can still login to the game and play matches just fine, just not getting match data…
And after reading some threads here, this issue happened about 20 days ago, but has been reportedly fixed. It’d be weird to shut it down all of a sudden when they bothered fixing it 20 days ago.

(They could have at least give us a heads up…
It’s so annoying not to be able to complete the challenges now… :sob: )

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Servers are still live! Which support did you contact and are you still having this issue?


I contacted support through the website. Submitted a request there.

And yeah, I’m still having that issue, sadly. :frowning:

Do you have a ticket number?

From support? It’s #196728 I think.

I also have this issue and put a ticket into support with just like @hakunaro has done. Currently because I am a new player the game is offering less content than a demo would typically have, because this issue also makes it impossible to progress through the story. It took me around 10 attempts of the story prologue before it allowed me to start playing Episode 1: The Algorithm, now I have replayed The Algorithm over 5 times and it has not saved any of my successful runs, including a run on Hardcore mode that I did with friends in co-op. It is disheartening to complete something to then have the game give the error afterwards. Support in my ticket haven’t responded in over 2 days now and their last message is an automated one that doesn’t give any guarantee about there being a fix.

Since Sunday, November 17th 2019 I have only had 2 matches that I have played on the game save any of my stats, although I have played well over 30 matches across the PvP and the campaign. I’m tagging @Noelle_GBX and @VaultHunter101 to this post in hopes that the issue can be escalated and a resolution can be given to the issue, you are the staff members who have given responses to this thread so I hope that you can have an influence on the issue being fixed.

I have bought the season pass and feel that it is unfair that with the current state of the game, I am limited to only being able to play 1 story mission in the main campaign. My ticket number is: #196637 and I am willing to send any other information that may be requested of me. Thank you.

I am aware that this is an error that has happened in the past, so I hope that the same solutions that have fixed it in the past will allow it to be fixed in the present.


I’m not actually GBX staff, just one of the volunteer forum moderators. Noelle (GBX community manager) should be able to push this to the right spot. I will give a heads-up to one of the other support folks though. Hopefully the situation can be resolved quickly.


Let me pass this over and see what might be going on.


Thanks a bunch! Hopefully it gets resolved soon! :slight_smile:


This is happening, from the looks of it, on both PC and consoles. Consistently enough that no one on PC can even start a game without the lobby getting obliterated.

Nice to see while cross platform play was too hard to pull off, the cross platform server crash update was cake.

Servers seem to be functioning again! Played 3 matches and it retrieved match data as usual!
Mega thanks to @Noelle_GBX for helping and fixing it! :blush:

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Last night I was getting this error. Today afternoon, I was able to get some battles in. Currently, I’m getting the error again. Anyone else having the same issue now?

I’ve now managed to complete all the lore challenges on the game and the stats are saving perfectly. Thanks a lot to @VaultHunter101 and @Noelle_GBX who I can believe did put in the effort to see it be fixed, as I don’t see it being a coincidence that shortly after I reached out, the game started working again. I’m glad I got to experience the full game and hopefully Battleborn as a franchise isn’t dead, it’s unfortunate to hear of a server shutdown coming in January 2021 but it gives people plenty of time to experience Battleborn and try to finish off their lore.
I will mention that the game has an internal server error whenever you attempt to play 2 matches in a row, but the fix to that issue is simply rebooting the game and trying again, I happily took that over the stats being broken.

Not my doing, other than alerting Noelle and some other folks on back channels. I’m just one of the forum moderators here, but there are plenty of dedicated GBX staff behind the scenes you’ll never hear from publicly who make a lot of things happen.

@Noelle_GBX This error seems to be back, any chance you could get it looked into again? Thanks!

Same thing is happening to me as well. Thank in advance @Noelle_GBX !

I’m having the same issue that has been reported here. Is it possible that a server timeout is happening, perhaps as a cost-saving measure with server time / allotment with AWS / Azure services? Any assistance would be appreciated, as my gaming time is strictly limited to the holidays.

IIRC the game session are spun up as AWS instances. It could be a communication issue between those instances and the server hosting the save files. I would recommend filing a support ticket any time this happens, as based on past occurrences there does seem to be an adjustment that can be made to resolve the issue.

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Thank you! I went ahead and opened a ticket. Thanks for your insight and fast reply as well. Hopefully support can take a peek at the server settings and see if there might be a timeout issue. Since I was soloing the mission, I may have taken too long to complete before a server timeout occurred.