Silently Nerfing Drop-Rates in PvE?

I was away from the game for a few days and have to come back to a whole bunch of disgustingly awful changes to the game, why is that?

It seems that I can’t do an Advance Mission anymore without only getting Commons and Uncommons as rewards for my work. I know this has been a recent change because I would always, ALWAYS, get a few rares, sometimes some Epics, and sometimes some Legendary…but to ONLY get UNCOMMON and COMMON gear now for doing ADVANCE missions? What gives?

Has anybody else noticed the change in drops since the last few days? I highly doubt it is “bad RNG” since I’ve done several different Advance Missions between the last 24 hours and have consistently gotten no more than an Uncommon (maybe a Rare or 2 here and there MAYBE).


Not sure but you might be right.
I’ve got 400 hours into Story mode, mostly Advanced, and for the most part I’ve lost interest in any loot.
Anything that has negative ratings is trashed, i.e. +Health but -Shield, those are so common they have become somewhat annoying.
I’ve got a ton of Legendary loot but not one of them is worth one thing I used on Maya in BL2. :wink:

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Ive grown very tired of the loot myself. I don’t know actual play time, but it’s probably a fair amount. Ive gotten 1 orange. Ive gotten a good deal of purples and some of them are ok. The problem I have is that beating bosses on Advanced, should be coughing up greens. Blues and above. It’s hard enough beating some of these levels- I still have yet to beat heliophage on advanced, but to beat it then only get a blue? Like seriously? This reminds me of Diablo 3 when it came out. a couple hundred hours into a game and still no oranges…LMAO or destiny for that matter.

Yeah, just did another run on “The Sentinel” which has 3 bosses, and 3 chests, got nothing but Uncommon gear from all 6 sources in advance.

I was mainly playing PvE for the gear while the game gathered more serious players for PvP but it seems I won’t be able to enjoy PvE either since I’ll be getting crap each and every time from now on.

Screw that. Once the drop-rate is fixed for PvE then maybe I’ll reconsider playing again. Not going to waste hours upon hours for loot that is only worth selling for a few coins and nothing worth keeping. Nope, not going to do that.


Just did Renegade, Algorithm and Helio advanced, collection of total trash from all three.
Since yesterday Advanced story mode seems a bit bugged too on over spawning Thrall, very high rate.

Hmm. I kind of feel like a change of that magnitude would’ve been mentioned in the “Battle Plan” or at least in passing. I can assure you I’ve not heard of it.

I’m not doubting you good folks, but lets not forget the power of RNGesus, who giveth and taketh away.


It not being mentioned in any formal announcement is why I’m d3claring it a silent change.

I can assure you RNG has little to do with it. I’ve clocked in lots of hours 80 percent or so on pve and these recent drop rates have definitely been tampered with since last week.

Yep. I’ve gotten three Chrono Binder keys in as many games in the past two days, so it’s definitely the luck of the number generator.

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i’d understand the low drop rates if the bosses dropped only one legendary gear… Each boss has 4 possible legendary drops (2 for mini bosses) and in stages like Sentinel with 2 mini bosses and 1 boss, that’s a 8 legendary gear pool and all it could give us is a trash uncommon gear… seeing that green gear collected notification after toiling hard to beat missions in advanced is so painful…

We’ve made no changes to PvE drop rates in recent patches. This is almost certainly just bad luck. Always possible there’s a bug, but this is the first we’ve heard of it. Let us know if this persists, or is happening across all player experiences.


I’ve been farming Tubbies for as long as there have been UVHM tubbies.

Never. Not once, EVER have I gotten a Carnage. Which I now have most PREFIXEs on every other gun. That is years of praying to RNGesus.

I’m not saying you’re wrong mate, as I’d be red faced if the devs came out today and said they did. All I’m saying is stranger things have happened.

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You know what else would make me blush? Posting;

“I doubt the devs did this, but hell if I know!” and being ninja’d by @Jythri.

I either type too slow or too quick.

Hope that answered everything @Rabid_Explosions.

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Well I’ll be taking it as a bug or as a sign for me to step away from the game for a while…

I again refuse to accept RNG as the reason to why advance missions all of a sudden only give me uncommon drops.

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Let us also not forget that it’s Gearbox who sets the drop rates.

Actually, it feels different to me, too, but not in the same way. as Jac said, we got three chrono binders in a period of about 24 hours, when we’d been farming it daily for the previous two weeks. In fact, The Sentinel map was raining legendaries on us yesterday, but nothing today.

I wondered if maybe the devs had prevented any of those legendaries they had planned to nerf from dropping after they decided they were going to change them, just to keep them out of circulation and hopefully mitigate some of the backlash.

Sometimes I picture a really bored guy on the nightshift watching the numbers and deciding to play gamer-god, tweaking things just for his own entertainment. While I think this scenario is false, I really do believe drop rates are adjusted more than what we are told in the battleplans. Though every tweak may seem like it’s too small to justify mentioning, taken all together, players really can “feel” the changes.

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Scroll up 5 posts for the official statement.

Thanks, @Psychichazard, I read it, but as @Jythri said, there still might be some sort of bug.

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Ah, okay. Carry on.

I haven’t actually jumped on since Sunday but this apparently happened within the last day or so which is the polar opposite of your experience.

Some players are just more blessed by the RNG gods than others. You might get several drops in one sitting or see nothing for a month that’s just how it works.

@Derch has been looking to try out the Chrono key, but everytime we hit the Sentinel, we never got one when he was in the party. When we tried it after he left, we got our first one. Poor guy. Hopefully RNG will be kinder to us the next time we play.