Silentrabbit003 shops of guns and stuff wants are at top, my items for trade are below it :P (again try to keep it updated as much as i can!)

all must be in level 50.
main wants:
decent anti freeze zane mod(with okay perks)

got the following: (all are level 50 unless stated)
new guns/mods (maliwan event wise):
non elemental moonfire (anointed)
shock moonfire pistol
corrosive moonfire pistol
cyro moonfire pistol
rad moonfire pistol
fire moonfire pistol (anointed sired)
fire moonfire pistol
radiation moonfire pistol
juliets dazzle assult rifle (iron bear mech anointed)
juliets dazzle assult rifle
good juju (cyro)
fire death grip shotgun
cyro deathgrip shotgun
shock deathgrip shotgun
radiation death grip shot gun
radiation death grip shot gun (anointed for zane digi clone)
corrosive deth grip (anointed with 25% extra damage perk)
non elemental tank shield sniper
rad tank shield sniper
fire tank shield sniper
shock tank shield sniper (terror anointed perk)
cyro tank shield sniper
corrosive tank sniper
normal tank shield sniper
kyb’s worth (corrosive/shock)
kyb’s worth (cyro/rad)
kyb’s worth (corrosive/fire)
kyb’s worth (its mix of 2 elements just need to remember what they are)
spiritual driver (cooldown and weapon damage with atlas damage perk as 3rd perk)
spiritual driver (weapon damage, smg damage, health regen)
2 ranging bear mods for moze (one with 24% ammo and 30% grenade perk on it)
o.m shield (fire resistance)
o.m shield (cyro resistance I think)
dayumned zheitsev’s eruption assult rifle (non elemental)
redistributor smg cyro element (anointed 125% damage)
redistributor smg fire element
redistributor smg corrosive
redistributor smg shock
double penetrating shredded tiig’s boom shotgun (fire element with 125% anointment on it)

bone shredder (blue gun)
bone shredder corrosive (blue gun)
bone shredder fire (blue gun)
bone shredder cyro (blue gun)
bone shredder shock (blue gun)
bone shredder radiation (blue gun)
level 1 infinity pistol
nightflyer anointed
the duc anoited
the flood
fire king /queencall anoited
corrosive queen/king call
shock king/queens call
cyro kings/queen call
radiation king/queen call
shock infinity
cyro infinity
fire infinity
radiation infinity
corrosive infinity
dastardly Maggie (anointed)
the companion (anointed)
wagon wheel (jakobs/anointed)
the companion
stark sell out
dastardly unforgiven (anointed)
stabby dayumned skeksil (fire)
stabby dayumned skeksil (corrosive)
stabby dayumned skeksil (shock)
double penetrating devastator
moarr linage (fire)

fire lyuda annexed (2x damage)
shock lyuda annexed (2x damage)
corrosive lyuda annexed (2x damage)
radiation lyuda annexed (2x damage)
cyro lyuda annexed (2x damage)
normal lyuda annexed (2x damage/also anoited)

assult rifle:
earworm (blue gun)
lucians call (cyro)
lucians call (corrosive)
lucians call (fire/anoited)
rowans call (shock but not anointed)
rowans call (shock anointed for fl4k)
rowans call (radiation)
rowans call (fire)
breath of the dying (anointed)
deadeye bekah
engulfing super shredifier (non elemental)
shreddifier (radiation element)
shreddifier (corrosive element/anoited)
shreddifier (shock)
shreddifier (cyro)
shreddifier (fire)
dastardly hand of glory
artic disciplined night hawkin (anointed for operative)
artic disciplined night hawkin (anointed)
dp laser-sploder (fire)
dp laser-sploder (shock)
dp laser-sploder (corrosive)
dp laser-sploder (radiation)
shrinking laser-sploder (cyro)

cross roads (fire/anoited)
cross roads (corrosive)
cross roads (shock)
cross roads (radiation)
cross roads (cyro)
cross roads (anointed)
cutsman (shock/anointed with 125% perk)
cutsman (fire/anointed with 125% perk)
cutsman (corrosive/anointed with 125% perk)
relentless vanquisher (anointed for siren)
westergun (fire/shock anoited for siren)
handsome jackhammer (shock)
handsome jackhammer (fire)
handsome jackhammer (radiation)
handsome jackhammer (cyro)
handsome jackhammer (corrosive)
handsome jackhammer (non elemental)

cyro prebert
corrosive prebert
radiation prebert
normal prebert
fire prebert
shock prebert
flakker (anointed)
hellwalker (anointed)
deep dive face puncher
creeping death++
double penetrating the boring gun
flakker (phase grasp deals 3700+ extra damage on enemy when/or after phase grasped etc)

hive in radiation
hive in corrosive
shredder launcher normal
shredder launcher (shock)
shredder launcher (cyro)
shredder launcher (corrosive)

fastball (cyro)
fastball (shock)
fastball (corrosive)
fastball (fire)
fastball (radiation)
recurring hex in cyro (also have anointed and normal)
recurring hex in radiation (also have anointed and normal)
recurring hex in shock (also have anointed and normal)
moxxi pair (fire/anointed regen 1 grenade)
sticky quasar (anointed regen 1 grenade)
fungus among us
rain fire storm
sticky quasar grenade in shock
whispering ice
echo-2 (its a uncommon drop but more funny grenade)
porce bomb (though its nerfed now so doesn’t melt people from inside)
trans-fusion longbow (fire)
trans-fusion longbow (shock)
trans-fusion longbow (corrosive)
trans-fusion longbow (cyro)
trans-fusion longbow (radiation)
trans-fusion longbow (none elemental)
trans-fusion tracker (shock/anointed regen 1 grenade)
mirv widowmaker (none elemental)
mirv widowmaker (shock)
rain firestorm (anointed regen 1 grenade)
mirv-tactular hex (shock/anointed regen 1 grenade)

messy break up shield
the transformer
retaliation red suit
sprint rough rider (with 10% movement)
adrenaline rough rider (with 23% reload speed)
re router
G.A.I.N.S big boomer shield
speedy recovery stop-gap
brawler ward
tactician stop-gap
tortoise re-charger
pack rat stop-gap

Halloween unique items:
unique drops:
overflowing scream of terror (shield)
ghast call (grenade/corrosive)
cloning ghast call (grenade/corrosive)
vindicator ghast call (grenade/corrosive)
roided ghast call (grenade/corrosive)
stalker sniper (anointed)
stalker sniper (anointed for phasegrasp siren)
fearmonger (corrosive)
fearmonger (fire)
fearmonger (shock)
fearmonger (radiation)
fearmonger (cyro)
all other guns but with terror perk:
dastardly Maggie
lucians call (corrosive)
redundant face-puncher
breath of the dying
handsome jack hammer (fire)
bone shredder (blue gun/none elemental)

relics/artefacts: (note: ammo = magazine size by way :P)
electric banjo
elemental projector victory rush (with 40% ammo add on)
elemental projector planetoid (with 40% ammo)
elemental projector static charge (but no gun boosting perks or decent side perks on it)
elemental projector static charge (17%+ sniper damage, 14% reload speed)
spark plug victory rush ( with 40% ammo/makes the shock coil appear on slam)
elemental project static charge (with 40% ammo and 21% cooldown perks)
elemental projector deathless
icebreaker otto idol (with 40% ammo perk)
atom balm loaded dice
elemental projector cosmic crater (with 21% cooldown)
elemental projector splatter gun (40% ammo, 30% grenade damage)
elemental projector white elephant
elemental projector pull out method
atom balm static charge (has 21% cooldown)
hot drop victory rush (with 40% ammo, 14% reload speed)
hot drop cosmic crater (21% action skill cooldown, 40% ammo mag)
atom balm static charge (with 21% cooldown)
snowdrift pull out method (with 40% ammo mag)
atom balm moxxi’s endowment (30% grenade damage, 21% cooldown)
elemental projector planetoid (16% shock damage, 21% cooldown)
corrosive stone rocket boots (21% cooldown)
radiodead deathless (14%reload speed, 40% ammo)
snowdrift otto idol (21%cooldown, 16% cyro damage)
shock stone white elephant (14% reload speed , 40% ammo)
atom balm otto idol (40% ammo, 21% cooldown)
snowdrift otto idol (40% ammo, 17% smg damage)
possibly have more as got about 45 in total for now to still sort/update list.

fl4k class mods:
gaint slayer bounty hunter mod ( with 31% cooldown , 18% weapon crit damge)
pronghorn mongoose de4deye (18% critical damage, 31% sniper)
clawing shareware de4deye (45% hyperion crit damage)
clawing vulpine de4deye (31% pistol damage, 45% hyperion crit damage)
collector cosmic stalker
frothing red fang (45% jakobs weapon crit, 31% pistol damage)
gouging sharewear de4deye (31% pistol damage, 31% shotgun damage)
venator man-eater bounty hunter (18% critical damage, 45% hyperion weapon critical)
moze class mods:
honour guard enhanced bloodletter class mod for moze (25% jakobs reload speed, 10% jakobs weapon damage, 15%dahl weapon fire rate)
roaring bear trooper (31% pistol damage)
molly gains mind sweeper (31% smg damage, 13% weapon fire rate)
thermerbaric gambling rocketeer (13% weapon fire rate)
boomin’ growlin bear trooper (18% weapon crit, 28% splash damage)
blood-sucking charitable blaster master (29% splash damage)
boomin’ growling bear trooper (31% sniper damage, 24% ammo)
boomin’ reinforced bear trooper (29% splash damage, 45% jakobs weapon critical damage)
amara class mods:
rope a dope solidarity breaker (31% heavy gun damage, 28% splash damage)
primordial spectre phazezerker (18% crit damage, 31% heavy damage)
blended carpet bombing elementalist (20% weapon reload speed, 10% vladof weapon damage)
insomniac fragmented dragon (31% sniper rifle damage)
reactive raining nimbus (30% grenade damage)
primval spectre phazezerker (31% sniper rifle damage)
thunderious nimbus
zane class mods:
bashing shockwave infiltrator (20% reload speed)
bashing spirited infiltrator (18% weapon crit)
preemptive unlikely techspert (24% ammo)
shady sonic boom infiltrator
treacherous lucky executor (30% grenade damage)
treacherous lucky executor (13% weapon fire rate)
haunting smashing infiltrator
scattered prepped cold warrior (28% splash damage)
scattered zippy cold warrior (40% ammo)

(p.s. might have more class mods as not updated them in while)


I think i gave my shock phebert to small_bear if you wanna check his thread

got no idea how you search threads but been trying over 10 hour now just for shock variant and 0 luck haha and got it

I have a fl4k mod and elemental projector, I will send you the precise stats when I’m back from work. I have been looking for the shock recursive hex and rain firestorm for a long time, would you mind putting them aside for me until I am back?

sure just looking for mainly what side stats they have as its random on side stats each time you get 1 it seems!

I have a few elemental projectors I could check for u.

yeah sure still have yet to see/find a elemental projector static charge one , but victory rushes will work as well just finding one where all 3 side perks are nicer ones!

@mikec459 What’s ur current stats for the projector atm?

I have an elemental projector safeguard with:
16% to shock/rad damage with 7% to exp.
183% elemental dmg boost

Rear ender victory rush 2x with:
21% cool down
37%ffyl movement speed
30%shield recharge rate

1487 max health
40% ffyl duration
40% mag size

Brawlers elemental projector:
8%movement speed

Frozen elemental projector,:
16%cryo dmg
27% cryo efficiency
29% rad resist

Hasty Beserker Rush:
8% movement speed
33% AOE dmg
25% melee

currently using elemental projector victory rush with 40% extra magazine size (being key one as I use fl4k) , 29% cyro resistance, +1487 max health with gaint-slayer bounty hunter fl4k mod with +18% weapon critical damage (decent perk kinda) , +50% extra tedicore weapon accuracy (not best gun perk), +31% action skill cooldown (which is nice) but yeah looking for perks like critical gun damage, cooldown skill, extra magazine size, possibly things like shotgun, smg, pistol as find max health, resistance to elements , melee damage , exp not useful perk for fl4k dps build.


This is all I have, let me know if you are interested for trading the shock recurring hex/rain firestorm

nothing of upgrade I can see much there ,from what I alreadly got im afraid but my grail drop/find is now one of these I think as never seen one and done more enough farming I think to get atleast or should of by now haha

@kreativ57 this is stuff I got, always try to update best I can

What’s the annointment for the Duc/Nightflyer?

@nd4eva anything for the elemental projector static charge ? sorry about late reply as didn’t notice you had one as assumed it was probly to do with gun instead at time!

I check sec, nightflyer “on end action skill, weapon damage is increased by 100% for short time” , the duc “on end action skill critical damage is increased by 25% for short time”

i know what u want that grenade mod 4 lmao…

yeah , mainly just wanna see shrimps fly no lie if honest :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahahaha good luck

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good friend hooked me up with one and level one infinity but still on search for elemental projector static charge! as there myth still to me in the game!

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1x recurring hex in cyro (also have anointed and normal)
1x recurring hex in radiation (also have anointed and normal)
1x recurring hex in shock (also have anointed and normal)

What do you need?