Silliest gear you've found

With so many parts combinations, we’re bound to find gear with funky stats or that is plain ol’ funky looking. Saw this in the vending machine just now and I think it’s a good representation of how silly BL can be.

It’s a pistol, with 3 barrels, a shotgun as an accessory, and the shotgun also has a silencer accessory. What even is this-

The stock also gives “+30% Weapon Sway” and “-30% Weapon Sway” at the same time, because, uh, guns need to be balanced I guess? lol


I’ve seen some Rough Rider shields (the ones with 0 shield) with “on shield break” anointments? Am I missing something?

I’d been advised that this is coded as horizontal and vertical.

It was bothering me from the start