Silly question about Zane

This is probably a very silly question, but I have not found an answer fo it anywhere. I just started a Zane yesterday. I like to play aroound early on and right now have him set for two Action Skills. How do I remove one action skill to go back to being able to use grenades?
I have yet to figure a combination of buttons that would remove one of the skills.
I am on PS4 of that matters.
Thanks for anybody willing to help on this.

open your skill tree and press “Triangle” to edit your currently equipped action skills/augments (thats the button on ps4 idk about pc or Xbox but it should say it in the botton right corner while in the skills menu)


This can be done with every character as well. So for example if youre playing amara and change her action skill damage and want to change it back to shock youd do the same thing


Thanks for the simple answer.
I don’t know why I never figured this out for Amara as I have played her alot.
Some things just aren’t obvious LoL.
Appreciate the responses.