Silly question but my brain is fried

I’m looking for the NDA, having already signed it, and now that the moment is nearing; I’d just like to review it more closely. Does anyone have a link to it?

My NDA was in an email. Never had a link to it. Below is the text from the email I received.

Just a friendly reminder, by accepting the NDA you are agreeing that you will not…
Capture gameplay footage;
Post images;
Publicly discuss the technical test on the internet.

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Here’s what I got in my email.

All I’m hoping is mentioning this to friends at school won’t make the secret 2K police hunt me down.

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I thought there was more? So basically, I could throw a party, invite my friends over and let them play the game as long as footage/pictures aren’t taken?

That’s why I was looking for the whole thing ideally, I could of swore there was more to it.

That’s the only NDA info I ever received. So as long as you don’t put your party on the internet I guess you’re safe? Maybe a mod will reply with better info.

No, I´m sure thats breaking the NDA too. At least you´re in trouble when one of your friends breaks NDA-rules because you provided him secret footage. I would do it privately, relaxed and alone.

I’m wondering the same thing, how does one define “public”?

I’m sure Gearbox wouldn’t mind you playing with a couple of friends (gotta test split screen, right?), but what about talking about it with them, or maybe a couple of friends who haven’t played it? Obviously telling them about the NDA etc.