Silly question but... (PC mules)

I’ve re-entered the world of PC gaming since about 2005. And i’m already getting the itch to play B2 on PC. Been weeks since i played, weeks i say!

Question i have: On the PlayStation you can create characters on another account to act as mules. How do you do this on a PC? Just did a quick google but didn’t find anything of use. Most just lead towards console discussions.

Sorry if anyone is offended by silly questions… :hushed:


Either transfer stuff with Clappy’s stash (4 at a time :unamused:) or ask a friend to help you in a Co-op session. I don’t know of any other legit methods. :wink:

My method (and I’m quite sure this is legit enough to be allowed here) is to copy a save file of an existing character.

C:\Users\User\Documents\my games\borderlands 2\willowgame\savedata

If you have only one character, it will be save.0001.sav ( not save.0001.sav.bak )
Right click - copy - paste to desktop - rename as save.0002.sav - move back to the above folder

You should have two identical characters when you load the game.

I only do this with max level characters who’ve got their full backpack and locker slots unlocked.
I’ve never played on console so I don’t know how this is different.


That’s what i was worried about !! Such a drag. I’m not such a hoarder these days, not like back in the old forums where trading was bigger than ebay :smile:

Thanks for advice. I think the last game i played on PC was Warcraft 3… I used to work in I.T Support, now i’m having to learn everything from scratch, bit rusty i am. And i used that hmmm hmmm program on PS3 to do untold things, but now i am pure, cleansed, and a Hunter of the finest loot only.


Heh, I’m the complete opposite. I used to hoard stuff because someone might trade for it but these days if I see a random legendary drop I might just go “eeeh, I’m good”.


I had a friend who tried to collect every Legendary in every pre-fix, and all the Pearls and … oh lord. He had bazillions of stuff.

I just got to the point where i used certain things, but it’s always nice to keep some of those top drops, relics, shields and class mods etc.