Silly question. playthrough 2.0 and 2.5

Great fun with playthrough one of this pre sequel. I presume playthrough 2 is the same as borderlands. save the side missions for playthrough 2.5. Wondered off after crawmerax and haven’t learnt the true vault hunter or ultimate lingo yet.

Nice to play with the o2 kits and not be forced into a rotation including repeatedly slagging enemies: having the freedom of a rotation returned to the player again.

Regards and thanks in advance.

TL:DR. playthrough 2. save side missions for playthrough 2.5 ?

yeah. but only the ones that give you gear. do the ones that have no gear in the rewards for the exp, cash and moonstones. those can be helpful for PT 2.

Great stuff, thank you kansas.

no problem!

Just an extra bit of info to clarify. If your view is PT1=Normal, PT2=TVHM & PT2.5=UVHM, that isn’t quite right.

In BL1, the last chance you had to do the missions for specific gear was in PT2. PT2.5 just let you carry on looting. In BL2/TPS, UVHM resets the game and you get to do all the missions, again, at a higher level.

The level cap increase was applied to the base game regardless of having the DLC that gives you UVHM. If you continue in TVHM, after defeating the Sentinel, you will carry on leveelling up but painfully slowly :frowning: Any missions in TVHM, no matter when you do them, will never give you better than L50 gear.

If you get the DLC and start UVHM, even the best L50 legendaries will soon become out-classed at this tougher level. If your objective is to have the best gear at the highest level, then you want to save your side missions during your UVHM playthrough.

There is a further difference between PT2.5 and UVHM. You are able to reset UVHM and do it all again, as many times as you like. You could play through UVHM to hit the level cap, reset the game and get all mission-specific gear at the maximum level.

I hope I’ve answered the right question.

well i thought that PT 2.5 was when you defeat the sentinel in TVHM and everything levelscales to 50, same as it did in borderlands 2.

You’re right but I was concerned that juicy was equating UVHM in BL2/TPS with PT2.5 in BL1. As I’m sure you know, UVHM is a complete new playthrough, whereas PT2.5 does not open the story missions again.

That said, you made me re-read my post and I was talking rubbish :flushed: The DLC is required for the level cap rise and UVHM is enabled in the base game, not vice versa as I said. That’ll teach me to dash off a reply off without engaging brain. Doh! Thanks for pulling me up.