Silver in all Story Missions solo?

So yeah, I’ve been trying, with not much luck so far, to get all silver in PvE missions NORMAL. The Renegade is particularly vicious, I can’t seem to go beyond the 49k score cap.

is it even achievable to get silver in story missions while playing solo ? I’m starting to think it’s not, really.

I still miss The Renegade, The Archive ( didn’t re-try it yet ), and the Heliophage.
Do we even know how the final score bonus is calculated? Lives left, time, maybe shards or overall objectives(s) health ?

I’m playing Phoebe, which may or may not be an issue. Maybe there is a better character to tackle those maps. But since I don’t know exactly why I can’t get max score, I can’t really choose. I even tried building nothing just to be sure the spear-spawning thingies could last as long as possible and give as much minions as possible to score better. I even tried going hardcore. I didn’t try hardcore/no buildables though, seemed a bit too tough with Phoebe. Between this and the Adonexus challenge, I’m starting to lose hope. I turned to alcohol, forgot to feed my cat, my wife left me, my kids refuse to speak me anymore, I’m deep into hardcore drugs, and am ready to resort to crime to make a living.

Were you guys able to solo the silver rating ? Do you have tips, an ideal character … ?

I feel like lives mean nothing, I played Void’s Edge with a full team random and we died many times early on. An ISIC player kept respawning as soon as he died like he didn’t understand that we could pick him up. I thought this would wreck our score (he did this like eight times -_-) but we still got a silver.

I think it’s the physical number score so collecting pickups and combat, and probably bonus for more team members since difficulty should also scale up.

I would say that a different character would be better for such things. Someone like Oscar Mike is very very good at killing lots of minions while keeping his distance. Orendi for much the same reasons.

I’m not sure if it’s possible solo though to hit silver on every mission as I haven’t tried. I’ve either duo’d or pugged each mission.

Do you have a reason for why you can’t just do a public to knock it out? I actually have gold medals on two maps I haven’t even unlocked yet due to public story.

Trust issues … :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah but really, defense type missions seem to suck big time in full pug. Maps like The Saboteur or the Archive are having a bad rap on the public front. What’s more, well, I can’t choose my map. While I could potentially help out people, comes a time where you just want your medals done, unfortunately! I did public back when I began, but chose to concentrate on those maps that either a PUG couldn’t get right or even finish, or that are never selected, like The Renegade.

I’m doing a run with Calderus with 100% no buildable, it’s a tad hard but at least I don’t have to run around as much as with Phoebe. And I had that bug at the very beginning where a minion or two can potentially fall through textures and end up in a completely innaccessible part. You can only see their feet, and since we can’t crouch it’s almost impossible to fire at them :confused:

Oh well, we’ll see !

Yes, it is possible, I have done it.
Search the map for large chests, they often give out bonus score. Bosses also drop bonus score in their lootsplosion and sometimes before the fight or inbetween phases, scrounge up as many bonus score drops as possible as they despawn very quickly. Lives mean nothing, kills generate XP, critical kills generate a little more, and buildables generate XP, all calculate into your final score unlike PvP where only kills and assists contribute.


All I’m missing is the archive. Then advanced mode somehow. There just doesn’t seem to be a good source of points in this stage.

Play The Archive with 2-3 players on advanced, the wolf sentry’s health doesn’t scale with the difficulty of extra players, escort and defense missions are near impossible with 4-5 players on advanced.

Your base score (1st column) comes from:
1: Each kill awards a certain base value depending on the enemy, ranging from 25 for gun bots and blade bots on normal up to a couple thousand for mini-bosses. This means for any boss stage that spawns new enemies, just kill the spawns until you don’t get any more, then damage the boss enough to trigger a new set of baddies.
2: Killing an enemy very soon after it spawns sometimes awards more score (I only see this rarely in solo). Highly variable in terms of how much leeway there is in time and what fraction of the base score it accounts for (might get 31 points for a 25 point enemy, or might get 500 points for quickly killing a Deadeye).
3: Getting an assist when another player kills an enemy (no help for you in solo)
4: Blue score pickups, which can be 25, 50 or 100 pts each

Your bonus score I do not have well described yet. You can’t check it in the middle of a match and it doesn’t give a numerical pop-up when it happens the way that the blue score does. You can’t even intentionally die just to see the final score, as bonus points are only awarded on a win. I know that the yellow score pickups add to your bonus score. I suspect there is a bonus award given at the end of the level for number of extra lives remaining or having few deaths (namely due to seeing the teammates with the lowest bonus score having identical bonus scores after games where nobody dies). Some players assert that finishing a round quickly grants more score, I can only verify that killing certain enemies soon after they spawn awards some extra score, which might explain the perceived correlation for some players that does not seem to be a consistent observation.

Slif_One: Could you cite a specific buildable that has awarded you score? Turrets, traps and drones do not award XP in PvE in my controlled tests, nor do they award score.

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Sorry, you’re right, I wad confusing PvE and PvP lol my bad I’m involved in a few different discusdions and get them mixed up.
You can check bonus score by holding the touch pad to bring up player scores, bonus score is in the top left corner of that menu.

Oh, nice, didn’t notice that! Time for more spreadsheets!

Thanks for the advices!

I broke the 50k with Caldarus, got up to 52k. Still bronze. There must be some kung-fu treachery somewhere. I’m not sure where to find the remaining points at this stage, I just let spawners spawn things until they die of natural causes ( which probably deprive me of score sadly ), build nothing except static incinerators or stun turrets to prevent spawners being destroyed by turrets, as well as prevent score collectibles from dropping too far away, etc.

Guess I’ll have to try and find a group at this point !

Additional to those things:
You get bonus points out of big chests, at the end of a boss fight and sometimes between.
Bonus points are small yellow balls, you need to collect them quick, because they will disappear after 3 seconds (the half of those seconds they fly through the air) -> after you kill the boss run in a circle around the place where he died.
When you collect many of them you will get silver (accept in “the archive”, to get silver in this mission is a bit harder)

A few more tips:

  • don’t do archive and saboteur alone -> archive because of the score and saboteur is easier with a good chosen team of 3 (that is my opinion)
  • go as fast as you can trough the mission and open as many chests as you can (also the small ones)

Thanks, @dnevill. I’ve been reading through the forum looking for an answer on this topic, and yours seems to be the most well researched. Much appreciated! Any updates?

My girlfriend and I had an awesome run through The Renegade the other night, but ended up with a bronze again. “Whaaaat?!” We tend to kill those spawners as quickly as we can, but I guess it’s a little like the Goliaths in BL2: Let them level up before you kill them. We’ll give it another try tonight!

Update: No better luck this time with that strategy. Bronze. Blah. Still was super fun, though! I’m loving Caldarius more and more, especially after unlocking all of his lore on this run!

Yes, actually. With the ability to monitor changes in bonus score, I found that it is entirely due to yellow bonus score pickups. Deaths and revives do not impact your score, except that of course if someone is dead that means they aren’t able to earn assists during that period. Maximizing your score, then, means:

  • Milk every opportunity to get more enemies spawned to kill. Don’t kill teleporters/spikes, don’t damage a boss unless they’re definitely done spawning new enemies…and only enough damage to trigger more spawns.
  • Many bosses that will spawn waves of enemies drop bonus score balls near them each time that happens, and all of them drop bonus score balls when they die. These have a limited lifetime, so have people in position to grab them before dealing that last bit of damage!
  • Geoff will repeatedly spawn “spiderbabies” for a long time without any prodding. The Conservator needs to take a little bit of damage to trigger a new wave after you’ve killed the previous wave. The Heliophage usually has enough minion spawning bosses that you can run out of server time before you can’t get any more minions to spawn. Experiment with each boss to see how you can trigger new spawns.
  • Make sure that you and your teammates are getting assists on as many kills as you can:
    focus fire on the same enemies as a group.
  • Most enemies are worth slightly more score if you kill them immediately after they spawn: even little minions can give 31 pts vs 25 pts base.
  • If you have a healer/support make sure they are able to heal/buff everyone else on the team regularly so they are getting assists.
  • Regardless of your class, watch for helix options that let you more easily get assists.
  • Spend shards on gear before buildables
  • If you can survive without them, don’t build turrets at all and only build the temporal traps.
  • If you must build a damaging trap, use the flash trap rather than an incinerator so it damages without killing
  • If you must build a damaging turret, use the shock turret in a last-line-of-defense position to limit how many enemy spawners it destroys and how many enemies will enter its kill-zone
  • If someone dies or needs a revive, use crowd control to get a window to revive them or back off towards the respawn area to avoid killing enemies unassisted. If you have enough extra lives, it is better to let them respawn, then get vengeance together, than it is to get solo vengeance then revive them.
  • Open every chest, pop every destructable in the environment, they all have the chance to contain blue score balls.
  • The few epic chests in each level also drop some yellow bonus balls when you open them, be quick to grab them before they despawn

Although its worth a few points to kill enemies immediately after they spawn, there is no score impact for simply finishing a level quickly. Be methodical in getting every chest and destructable for those score balls! The only level timer that matters is the maximum server time your game has been allotted (you can see it if you hit escape).

Some levels are very easy to get gold score on if you finish them, as either the boss or some stage during the level allows you nearly unlimited spawns to kill. Some, like The Archive, have both (besides the sparse spawns the boss produces, the biggest score payoff is with the data minions: let them all get slaughtered while you carefully kill a fraction of the enemies, leaving enough around and not aggro’d on you that they’ll kill every data minion, only start protecting them when you’re confident you have enough score and are ready to move on).

For The Renegade, note that swarmers only award score if you kill them…if they self-destruct, they award no score. (The baby swarmers spawned by frozen bloated swarmers on other levels aren’t worth any score). This level also features a lot of minion spawning spikes that are at danger of being destroyed by a turret or trap if you buy them, shock turrets are your safest bet if you must buy any in order to survive, their limited range will minimize how may spawning spikes they can hit. Temporal traps and either repair or temporal drones are much better choices of buildables.

If its just the two of you playing together, it helps if one of you is a support who makes sure to frequently heal/shield/buff the other player even if they don’t need it much, as that way nearly all of player 1’s kills will be an assist for player 2. If there’s more than 2 of you, supports who can aid multiple people in a short span of time have great potential, Miko of course if the team stays close enough he can top off everyone frequently with his heal beam, but my personal favorite is Kleese for PvE support. If everyone on the team knows to stand near a rift while they fight, he can get the team an assist for nearly every teammate that has a shield (Kelvin is the only Eldrid I’ve found who can gain a shield from his rifts, for other Eldrids you need to use his self-AoE heal helix option and/or his overshield helix option for the black hole to earn assists). This works better with ranged characters, as while supporting a melee character you’ll need to drop your rift where it hits enemies who may or may not all be struck by that melee character before the rift kills them (resulting in a kill for Kleese and assist for possibly no one). Taking his self-AoE heal helix option fixes this, as he can follow them to heal them and make controlled attacks against their current target, while using his rifts to support the ranged characters. Another strong choice is Toby with his very early helix option to heal allies behind his shield, with the similar caveat that the team must know to fight near that shield so they are frequently healed by it.

Of course, in open Public matchmaking you’ll almost certainly have teammates too disorganized to abide by these guidelines but its still worth informing them (I’ve had a few great open games with Kleese but I usually find myself chasing teammates, waiting for the rift cooldown to put a rift down they’ll immediately abandon). Players who go “lone wolf” in PvE are your biggest score liability: either they are getting kills nobody else can get assists from, or the team is getting kills that the lone wolf isn’t getting assists from. Similarly, snipers like Marquis, Toby and Thorn need to be firing at the same mid-range enemies as their teammates (and be close enough to the team for support characters to heal/buff them)…though anyone who picks a sniper would naturally want to focus on critical hits on the distant targets the rest of the team isn’t able to engage (the exception is Deadeyes, they award proportionally a lot more score if you kill them immediately versus their base value, so snipers should kill them the moment they spawn even if there’s no assist…I’ve gotten a max of 500 pts from a single Deadeye). I’m really not a fan of this scoring system because of that aspect, as even PvE can breed a culture of infighting with teammates for sub-optimal strategy, where this ideal strategy runs counter to good tactics or playing your character as it was designed and nothing in the course of normal gameplay will let you learn what you’re doing wrong score-wise…and in the case of lone wolves, the game feedback in the form of relative player scores will suggest they were the only one doing things right!


So I was trying to figure this out as well. I have gotten silver solo on The Algorithm, The Void’s Edge, The Saboteur, and The Sentinel. It seems to me that completing the timed challenges that pops up tends to help. Every opportunity to get more points. For The Sentinel, I used Toby. His ultimate can decimate the sentinel really quickly. For The Void’s Edge I got it with Marquis. With Critical shots I was able to take out the bosses very quickly. Killing enemies with critical shots seems to award you with more points. The other two I got silver with Benedict. The lock on missiles are super effective at taking down big mobs and wiping out groups of minions. It is also a lot easier to stay alive with him.

The other four missions, I have tried several different characters. With The Experiment, my best so far was with Orendi since her magic can get around Antem’s reflecting shields. Still only managed to get Bronze with no deaths. I am in the same boat in The Renegade. Cannot break into 50k. Have not tried The Heliophage again yet. The Archive is just an incredibly annoying mission.

Heh, funny enough, Experiment I got the gold on the first try without even thinking about it. Renegade I finally managed to get silver solo, but since recently a friend joined me on the game, it’s been easy to get silver in both normal and advanced in every missions ( Alani and Oscar Mike EZ mode ). But I think it was with Benedict that I finally got that Silver, mostly destroying evey spawners after two or three spawns, not giving a sh!t anymore and just speeding through the mission. Funny, because I somehow thought the bird wasn’t very efficient at lane clearing and thus killing things…

Play as Kleese for The Renegade :slight_smile:

Normal hardcore is easy to get silver. …unless I just happen to get more yellow orbs then before.

I dunno, I tried hardcore and completed it a few times, but still got bronze.

Nah, I think what matters is balancing time and kills. Using a character who can kill things quickly from a distance ( so a good ranged ), balance out how long a spawner remains in play to have it spawn more mobs, but kill them fast enough because I guess the bonus score awarded after each “section” is tied to time ( and other stuff ), kill with crits because it’s bonus score, do not miss any challenge ( it may be a good idea to refrain from building turrets until the challenge appears, because the turrets OFTEN eliminate spawners before they even had time to spawn the required monsters ! ), do not miss those bonus score collectibles from big chests ( therefore, track down big chests ) or during boss fights…

On that last one, sometimes I see a given boss throw out score bonus often during the fight, and sometimes nothing before the end. Aside from boss phases, where the boss actually spit out bonus just because you made him change phases, I wonder if there is something tied to his health. Like, bringing a boss down to 75% with a crit may generate bonus score? Maybe I’m tripping balls, but I’m quite sure that sometimes I see more bonus score spawning than usual…