Silver Lining acting weirdly with Single Shot Weapons

When i got first got a Luck Cannon, the first thing i though of was how strong it would be with Nisha. Then i though about Jack. Then Wilhelm, then claptrap. And now i have gotten to Aurelia, i see that Silver Lining adds a bullet to the magazine whenever you kill something with a crit, or in the luck cannon’s case, whenever you get a crit because that pistol is a beast.

I’d noticed allready that it only adds one to the magazine, effectively canceling out the shot on a single shot weapon, rather than giving two back as i had hoped.

But on the luck cannon, i get the kill, i get the bullet back, then i reload anyway. I tested this with other weapons that could only hold one shot, helped a bit by Large Calibre, and i got similar results: Killing with a crit on the last shot of the magazine still causes a Reload, even if the mag is technically full.

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