Silver lining with shotguns

I’ve recently been using a purple coach gun as my primary weapon on my Aurelia (as I seem to be facing a draught on good snipers that I’d want to use) and I’ve noticed a rather peculiar thing considering silver lining: it seems pretty random whether it procs or not. More often than not killing an enemy with a crit seems to not proc silver lining and on the other hand it sometimes does. What’s up with this effect?

Silver Lining works with all weapons save Rockets, as it’s impossible to crit with them. If it doesn’t proc sometimes, it means the killing damage came from a projectile that didn’t hit the critical zone.

If you also have the skill Duchess, it will quickly tighten the spread and make it much easier to get all those projectiles into the head.


Now that you said it out loud I wonder why I didn’t realize such an obvious answer :smiley:
I’ve just been looking at that crit text pop up and wondering why silver lining didn’t proc not even considering that not ALL the pellets are hitting crit.