Similarity between godfall and borderlands 3

so, aparently godfall suffers GREATLY from a rough amount of the same issues bl3 suffers
we talking horrible writing
problems with how good loot is / balancing and gear design / how you combine it

so the question is, how close to the borderlands devs is this game? i honestly dont know, do they work on bl3 too?
cuz seeing all these problems and how this game has APARENTLY massivly flopped as a loot game
i could see some problems we are seeing in bl3

either this is an internal thing with how gearbox works now, OOOOR the philosphy of game making and story telling in gearbox is so sunken in that we kinda can predict whats going to happen in bl4

i rly wanted to talk about of how similiar the problems between these 2 games are since its both gearbox
and it shows alot of things

one thing i would say instantly is
the non existent copies sold could be a result of bl3
the question would be again, does this mean that this will affect bl4

AFAIK Godfall is only published by gearbox. I don’t believe the dev team was really influenced by the developers at gearbox besides the marketing stuff.
Idk for sure though.
And I think godfall is a flop atm because the primary console player base that would be playing it can’t get their hands on a PS5.
As for PC players, I don’t think many PC gamers are interested in it atm, most early game videos show the repetitive gameplay loop much akin to the avengers.
It looks cool and I might try it out one day, but right now I’m busy with AC valhalla and genshin impact and league of legends.
Demon’s souls is on the roster as soon as I can secure a freakin’ PS5.

I can only say I didn’t get it because GBX had something to do with it :sweat_smile:

And now this topic actually confirms what I thought would happen :joy::ok_hand:


Godfall is only published by GB, nothing more. Don’t get me wrong, GB has been sloppy with BL3, but Godfall is a game developed by a smaller studio, is their first major release title that I’m aware of, and like most game’s releasing nowadays is bugged at launch.

Give it a week or two for Counterplay (the people actually DEVELOPING THE GAME) to start getting their ducks in a row before proclaiming the death of the game.

  1. Go learn how to use punctuation and then use it here.

  2. Is every view in your life so pessimistic, angry and negative?

  3. BL3 is a great game. It has some issues but they do seem to be working on them and fixing them. They’ve fixed many things since the start. If the game was so bad, I wouldn’t have spent over 12 playthroughs worth of time on the game. My original Zane alone has 6 days of gametime spent.

  4. I dont know enough about Godfall to comment on that one.


Just so you know godfall isn’t met to be anything special its a throwaway game made to draw people in with its fancy next-gen graphics while hiding its extremely shallow gameplay mechanics, and crappy story which seems to be a trend with gbx nowadays. The valorplates which are the armors you can choose that were suppose to be classes are extremely similar with very small differences from each other which amounts to a 10 percent status effect. Lastly the multiplayer looter game doesn’t even have matchmaking. I crap on bl3 but it is no where near as crappy as that game is.If any1 is thinking about getting godfall I’d implore you to think twice. Its not a live service either so the chances of it improving over time are slim to none.

Yeah, the lack of availabilty of a PS5 has been a Hindrance for me as well. I will not buy any more games until I finally get my hands on one. Still have some on PS4 I am finishing up, but hope I don’t have to wait TOO long to get my hands on one.

As far as Godfall, I won’t buy any game with GBX name attached as dev, publisher, or whatever without waiting until the game has been fully vetted by players for at least 2 or more years. GBX has done so badly with BL3 which started off very promising…


So what I am hearing is that the new game is… wait for it… God(aw)fall.


get out

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Aside from colored loot rarities IMO I haven’t really noticed any similarities between this game and Godfall. I purchased the ascended version on my PS5 and after playing it a bit it feels more akin to a souls game with more looter elements put into it in terms of gameplay. I feel like what’s cutting into my playtime on it the most is Maneater after running across gameplay videos of that. Munching humans as a shark is a bit addicting… >.>

I play BL3 on PC and encountered hardly any issues on my system. I haven’t experienced laggy, glitchy, buggy gameplay on Godfall yet. Then again aside from a couple broken quest triggers at launch I had no actual issues with Fallout 76 on my PC either. Granted I’m not going out of my way to trying to get the cheapest version of computer components or tweaking my software configurations based on input from random people found in places like reddit that claim to be computer experts.

Ultimately what it boils down to is whether you enjoy a game or not. Trying to correlate perceived sales that you aren’t able to validate off assumptions of unrelated titles doesn’t prove anything to a point aside from lack of availability in the case of Godfall since it appears to only be on PS5 that I am aware of. There’s also factors in regards to other titles releasing at that same time period along with marketing of the title vs the other titles it has to compete with.

I have played some actual broken horrible games in the past. A few of them actually ended up fun and entertaining because they were broken and horrible.

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Did you whip off your sunglasses before this post?



bet it was dark in the room aswell


When I saw the initial trailer, I was impressed honestly. But when I read the comments in YouTube and the reviews, I was so disappointed.

When I learned it wasn’t in Xbox too, I was also even more disappointed.

Affiliated with GBX, no thanks…pass. Yeah I know they didn’t make it per say but how they have handled their own game, BL3, just don’t have any faith in GBX now days.

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Don’t quit your day job.

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Good advice. They deserve a chance to succeed.