Simple Amara build

Hey all, anyone know of a simple Amara build I can use for pretty much anything? The previous build I had before was just pretty much just put all my skill points on brawl but pretty much fighting anything, especially bosses in the mayhem modes just take way to long (took like 25+ min to kill Graveward on mayhem 3).

Is there just any skill tree or just skills in general I could do to just chill and have a good time?


I’m using this one

Pretty chill so far


Hmm interesting, going to have to try it out.

You also know where I can farm class mods and I guess some guns? I lost everything because my bank glitched and deleted all my stuff.

And thanks man

I farm the boss on Athenas. Get the checkpoint right before the bridge, then run to the boss, kill it. Then quit to main menu and repeat. The boss is really easy, even on Mayhem 3.

I’m not sure about class mods though, maybe someone else can help out.


Alright thanks again my man

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If you go to the other side of the red dot (over the bridge all the way to the end) there is Traunt. He is also very easy IMHO. And there is another safe point right in front of him. Also after you beat him you can loot a red chest and two normal chests in the vault cave behind him.
You can also combine those two bosses in a single run :slight_smile:

this is two of the best builds (other than brawl) i have seen so far.

one is mystical assault - fist of the element by lazy data

the other is fist of the element - brawl by sin tee


Impressive for late game.
Is there some “simple” builds for leveling ? I have no one to PL my Amara so I do the main missions in Normal and try to do it as fast as possible.
For now I use the guide I found here.


I’m an Amara main and have played around with tons of builds.

I initially stayed away from melee focused builds. My main tree was Fist of the Elements and then I’d supplement it with the Brawl tree (minus melee) for some added survivability/tankiness.

This YouTube video (not me and only intended to help) was the inspiration for my Elemental build and I have to say it is very fun, very balanced, and very usable regardless of what mode you’re playing:

Ironically, just yesterday I stumbled onto this Reddit post: It is the inverse of my build above. In my previous build, I was invested about 60% in FotE (all the way to the capstone ability) and 40% Brawler (all the way to second to last tier for Guardian Angel). This one is a 60/40 investment split with Brawler being the 60%.

Both are great builds and both have been fun and well rounded in my experience. I can melt bosses with the right weapons and equipment. But it is definitely a bit more suited to mobbing.

Hope it helps.

I just posted a link to the “Immortal Hellcat” video you have here. I use it a bunch as well. I have been playing Amara this whole time without a melee focus and I’ve been able to dominate on all modes.

I have built my first melee build though since I found the Unleash The Dragon artifact and I cannot wait to test drive it tonight.

I’m on console (XB1) and I’ve been farming in offline mode at Jackobs Estate. If you launch your game and go offline at the main menu screen, you then close your game application and re-open it and it will load up without any of the hotfixes that have been implemented.

This means you can still farm the guaranteed “Hoarder Tinks” at Jackobs Estate with the old insane legendary drop rates. That is how I loaded up on most of my guns, shields, and artifacts. Important to note - to my knowledge, legendary class mods do not drop in offline mode. I’ve still yet to get a legendary and I’m on my TVHM playthrough. Please keep that in mind if you are prioritizing farming class mods.

I’ve tested pretty much all of the popular builds and this is the most consistent and effective all around. Defiantly what I would recommend.

Pick a tree and stick to it is the best way to play levelling. The capstone skills on Mystical Assault and Fist of the Elements are both ace, not really tried brawl too much. So rushing to them is a pretty good idea. Just a few thoughts on what I’ve tried.

Fist of the Elements, I think infusion is pretty bad in the end game, but levelling up it’s great. Where as the DoT buffs are nice end game but less impactful levelling.

In Mystical Assault, Remanent is extremely unreliable, but still worth while because it when it does work it does massive damage.

Also check the Amara bug thread here as quite a few skills don’t work as you would expect, or in some cases at all:

Remnant works pretty well if you’re using Ties that Bind and Stillness of Mind as that lifts all these potential targets into the air for more reliable hits with the elemental projectiles.