Simple BEE shield concept

I do think the bee should return and like its predecessor. Be a high capacity/ low recharge amp shield.

I was speculating to my buddy it should have stats along this line.

@ level 50 (no rolls to traits)

Capacity: 10,000
Recharge delay: 6secs
Recharge rate: 1000

Now since amp shields have damage %s in BL3. I figured it should output a relatively low % of amp. Also thought of an alternative concept aswell.

So the weapon card would say like this.

2 suggestions:

“While full, shots deal +10% weapon damage”

“While full, Shots drain 5% HEALTH for 20% weapon damage”

Flavor text reads:
“Stings like a bee”

Now th he reason the %s are different is because obviously the second suggestion has a detrimental effect on you. So you should get a greater benefit.

The flavor text is suitable either way also

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I like the idea, but 5% of health is probably too high. There’s SMG’s that would kill you in under a second (anything with fire rate of 20 or more).
Even sniping, 20 shots and you’re dead, unless you have health regen.
It would be good, but you’d need to balance it correctly to be worth the damage boost. =]

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Inherently no legendary shield that has AMP on it actually functions properly. Only epic purple do increasing dmg with each pellet. Most only do 1 pellet per say shotgun/masher/maggie.

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The Zane and Flak shenanigans on a Bee shield would insane.

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I would even say, that you could do more amp damage than then that. I believe a lot of the generic amp shields are 30% at 20% of the shield’s capacity. Considering that it now runs as a percentage of the gun’s damage as opposed to adding a flat rate amount, I think that an argument could even made that it has 0 drain just like BL2 so long as the amp is out of this world.

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when you say this do you mean gearbox ever admitted that rerouter and 0.m not giving extra projectiles an amp is an oversight?


and no clue, but purple epic is the only AMP shield that amps all pellets.

I am lucky to have a triple amp albeit no anoint.

There are a couple Amp sheild concepts I think would be really cool. Something along the lines of an amp shield that when hitting a target chargers your shield rather then drains. Give the sheild a relatively low capacity like the Big Boom Blaster with a medium delay and slow recharge rate.

Another idea would be an amp shield that doesn’t drain as long as you hit a critical. This would help FL4Ks GitM augment to make a come back.

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Your right. I just didnt want it to be to low. But maybe more like a 2% would be more theoretical. Or a higher amp output maybe

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The problem is you have the amp almost 100% of the time. That’s why I balanced it so low

I know. This is just a concept. I love the one shotter shield and how it functions like the bee.

This is just all theoretical.