Simple fix for Iron Bear....I think we’d all like

It’s the entry/exit time…

It’s just…hopelessly long and bad…

Totally destroys any rhythm and flow of your combat and in a game where Amara and Zane are running around like supercharged track stars…and Fl4k just disappears…

The entire animation feels so slow and clunky!


I mean…it’s the ACTION SKILL…the thing that sets the character off from other characters and at least with Moze…this part of the action skill does it in a terribly BAD WAY.

I tried to think if ANY of the other characters had an action skill that deployed as slowly or picked up as slowly as Moze…nothing came to mind.

In BL 2 I could deploy Axton’s turret in 1.5 seconds and recover it in about the same time. Two turrets in 2.5 seconds. AND I could actually start firing my weapons as the turret is still in recovery mode. Very smooth gameplay.

The animation for AS on Moze takes 3 seconds from time of activation till when I can fire guns…3 seconds! I can maybe shave .5 seconds off this by being in the air when activating the AS. But I had to jump to do it which may or may not be practical.

Exit from IB takes 3 seconds before I can start firing weapons.

ETERNITY! And it just make the battle flow feel clunky as hell.

MY fix would be to simply cut those times in half…maybe more. Speed up the animation considerably. CONSIDERABLY!

And for those that say this does not fit with actual time it would take to crawl in and out of IB…NONSENSE!

This game digistructs and rebuilds everything! …you die and you digitally reconstruct.

A quicker entry and exit into Moze does not invalidate any “lore” or common sense.

And it would help immensely with a character who is perceived by MANY as slow and clunky as hell. To the point they don’t want to play her.

Not to mention would just make Moze more FUN!

I STILL will miss Axton’s voice yelling, “Say hello to the missus!” But maybe they can do something about that as well😁


Shorten the exit time sure. Give an option to deploy Autobear without entering, sure. But I’d rather not give up my invulnerability frames when entering.


Sounds reasonable to me…I could see that as really helping.

Lemme think about it. The “feel”

I would love the option to deploy Auto Bear


Could just keep the immunity the same length but shorten the animation. Would it be that OP if we had an extra second of firing while immune? I say no.

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Or have her phase in and out of IB similar to titanfall or a tediore reload. That would definately smooth it out a bit.

I think right now immunity on exit is the big deal. I shouldn’t enter with full health and shields, and exit with 200 health and no shields.

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This ruins Iron Bear for me probably 75% of the time, so I use it less and less. Be a tank for 45 seconds, and come out getting smacked to the ground without any choice.

The only way to avoid it is running away before you exit, I’d rather just deal with FFYL.

It literally takes 1 second if you jump in the air and do it. Its almost exactly the same time as Fl4ks rakk attack animation or zanes sentinel deploy.

I automatically jump now to get into IB. I dont even consciously do it. It just happens . On my Fl4k i hesitate to use Rakk attack more than IB because his animation feels long .


I honestly think each tree should have their own action skill of iron bear.

Green tree could have had a mini Iron Cub that you can’t get inside, have only one hard point and would just deploy like Death trap where it’s mobile and have similar duration.

Red tree would have been the version of Iron Bear we have now, a tank long duration bear.

Blue tree should have been a lighter armored bear that looked more like the Loader from Aliens Franchise where you’re exposed and such because instead of going for armor it’s strapped with more firepower. It would be very short duration and have seriously damage boosted hard points or allow you tide use additional hard points by pressing the grenade and action skill buttons inside. Or have automated shoulder mounted rocket pods or cannons or something.

I think this would have made the most sense and I don’t understand how something like this wasn’t implemented to begin with.


I timed it…it is about 2.5 seconds before I can get my guns functional and firing. with Jumping.

Shaves about .5 off the 3 second normal.

This was on a PC with fairly high end specs and graphics.

I jump too…most of the time.

Still feels clunky as hell. Go back to BL2 for 10 minutes and hurl Axton turrets around…it feels sooooo much faster and better…

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IMy technique to somewhat avoid this is…on exit…immediatly jump backwards behind IB while tossing a grenade and shooting immediately. Your fire goes through IB and isn’t deflected…their fire is blocked.

Works most of the time.

But you are right…terrible design…

It’s really bad in the wotan fight, cuz there are points where once you’re down once, you’re down for good.

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That’s usually what I try to do, but it’s rare you don’t take hits before you can even move. Here’s the stupidest example I have of this recorded, notice how health gate is broken too… Not sure what’s up with that.

I find health gate doesn’t work a lot of times. Might possibly be the multi projectile modifier, which should not be in the game, but it happens without that modifier all the time too so I feel like there’s hidden projectiles in the game or something.

Yep, that’s why I’ve been using the double downer almost exclusively. Saved me a lot of times from bleed outs, waiting for adds to appear.


Double downer…GREAT idea…

I never ran that quest and the wotan fight is the worst for this…by far.

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I love the double downer. Only problem is it’s a little slow on recharge rate. Otherwise it’s awesome. Super long ffyl time and extra damage/accuracy when you’re down.

Best anointment is 30% cooldown rate on kill.

Do you still having enough grenades for constant chucking with the shield.

I’m almost scared to give up my BBB because the grenades are so plentiful…

I’m working on a build to explain it all.

But basically with the double downer, you don’t have to worry so much about staying on your feet with Vampyr. And ideally you should boost your mag size up as much as possible with as few points spent as possible. Each PtHP proc should outpace your fire rate if your mag is large enough. Depends on the gun.

One grenade every 5 or 6 seconds, you should be able to proc MoD more than enough to keep grenades up.

My build I’m working on my grenades are really strong, and a main part of my dps. Makes them super useful for ffyl with To the Last.

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I believe that attack specifically is designed to be a guaranteed down if you take it square on. I honestly don’t remember not being downed instantly by it when hit square.

But you’re right about the projectile multiplier in mayhem. Health gate doesn’t seem to work if 2 projectiles at health gate damage hit you at the same time.

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What about a simple option that allows us to drag the “auto bear” icon over to the iron bear action tree to allow an “auto bear only” deployment for the action skill? And then let the auto bear behave autonomously until it’s fuel runs out and then it self-destructs, as usual. This would grant those of us who don’t want to use the iron bear some benefits and, of course, all the action skill anointment goodness.