Simple idea for a Miko "nerf"

So, in my opinion I think Miko is just a little bit too good. He… she… it has too self-preservation in terms of self healing and movement speed buffs. The idea of countering a Miko on the enemy team is to focus him first then take out his teammates, but that doesn’t work so well when he can get a ton of self heals, a 30% movement speed buff whenever you attack… it, and an AoE slow/possible stun.

My suggestions:

  1. Increase the duration of Biosynthesis by 3 or 4 seconds but keep the exact amount of overall healing it does already. i.e. Longer duration resulting in less healing-per-second.
  2. Along with that the healing boost to the beam while Biosynthesis is active should be reduced by about 5-10% to compensate for the longer duration.
  3. Lastly reduce First Responder (helix level 1) and Fight or Flight (helix level 7) movement speed buffs to 15%. One character doesn’t need all the escape potential that Miko has, especially when the entire counterplay to Miko revolves around focusing him. Which again you can’t do because he can escape so easily unless you chain-CC him.


You know, if you chase Miko away, you win already. You focus Miko, Miko runs, then you kill whoever Miko was healing…
But I wouldn’t mind if the 30% boosts got lowered, I never choose those helix choices anyways. XD

I don’t think they should change Biosynthesis. I think Miko will become bad when they change too much about it. Biosynthesis is a skill, and I feel like it’s as good as the skills of all the other battleborn.

Ever see marquis ir Toby find Miko? That huge crit area makes for a bad day in the mushroom kingdom. :smile:

Definately. I played a Marquis and popped Miko’s top litterally twice in the same match. He was hiding behind a wall of other heroes on the other team to, doing his support hing, but a good side angle and a wide crit area makes him easy to take down before he even knows what is hitting him.

Miko is fine as is.