Simple implementation for strike craft fuel

I have an idea that might work for strike craft. It would be a hybrid in that it wouldn’t completely implement HW1 fuel system, but bear with me.

Strike craft have a “fuel timer” that runs as long as they are in motion - let’s say 2 minutes. After the timer runs out they must return for refueling. This makes carriers relevant because fighter squadrons can’t travel the whole map because of limited range.
When they dock they are refueled and repaired thus prolonging their lifespan and making battles more interesting in that attacking craft would have less in air time than their target’s defending craft unless a carrier comes in close to support them.

Assume carriers can supply fuel to strike craft without limitation.

Thoughts? Please be constructive.

Would this be on a Toggle in the options for those that choose to not add fuel back in ?

and any thoughts on the effect of the scouts speed boost ?

personally I like choices, even the ones I choose not to use :slight_smile:

I don’t see why not. Especially if the code is being written at the time.

I’d start by looking at how they implemented ‘fuel’ for the kadeshi missions. I’ll ask for you guys in: An introduction & request

oh man…fueling system again…that made the game SOOOO challenging and fun. it was not enough to have fighters get caught in gravwells like flies, but keeping tabs on fuel made things so much interesting.

normally I would agre but not if the ships have to get in line to dock!

I think it adds to the tactics :slight_smile:

You have to be mindful of the entire refueling operation. Regardless of how many you need accross the map. And it wasn’t mandatory in hw1 either, it was a preference you could specify in settings.

And it was “off” almost everytime, nobody used it in MP, so i really don’t get why some people wanna it back so bad

I really like the idea of carriers being carriers. Refuel, rearm, repair, etc, not just hyperspacing dropships.

Optional of course.


I wouldn’t say “nobody”, but I assume it’s not such a popular request like formations/tactics. I could live without it tbh, but like @jim1 said “I like choices”.

Details such as those really got me into playing hw. I rarely ever played a match without fuel :stuck_out_tongue: back in the day.

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If not requiring bursts or constant acceleration - a ship/fighter wouldn’t be using much fuel.

The HW2C Complex mod implemented a damage based model. A ship will head for the nearest dock when a certain level of damage is reached. So you either break off an engagement and provide escort to the damaged ship to the nearest carrier or leave them to their fate.

So hopefully, if some form of switchable fuel/damage model is not implemented in the base code, someone can do a mod for it for HW:R


they did that in cataclysm with the acolytes and ACVs.