Simple playthrough 2 question

I’m starting my 2nd playthrough and am planning on saving all the side missions until the very end so they level up with me. My question is this: should I accept the side missions as I go through and simply not play them or not accept them until after I’ve beaten the Destroyer and everything levels up? Or does it make any difference at all?

I think they scale until you take the mission. Once taken, its locked at whatever level you taken it as.

I once did a no-death run where I did all of the side missions after finishing the second playthrough. The rewards did not scale, only what was fought against. Basically, there is no real reason to delay doing them unless you want the increased combat difficulty.

That sounds about right to me - the Pt.2 side quest scaling doesn’t quite work the same way as it does in BL2 and TPS. I think the reason many people reserve side quests for Pt 2.5 is (a) to avoid being over-levelled for the main story and (b) for the combat, not the rewards.

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Thanks for the replies folks. And yes, I want to reserve them for the increased difficulty as I’m a bit overleveled due to completing some DLC after the first go-round. So it makes no difference whether I accept them as they appear instead of going back later on and then accepting them?

Not really, no. Especially since the rewards for many of them aren’t things you’d want to try and reserve for max level anyway.

Copy that. Thanks again for your input!

Agree, it is way too easy to overlevel in PT2. As I mention, I do Robot Revolution when I hit level 41 so I can have the gift shop open, but that ends up having me overleveled for the rest of the game.
I’m just doing the Kobb brothers in Pt2 right now, for example, and I just hit lvl 48 while Story missions are lvl 46.
Oh, and weapons proficiencies make this overleveling more evident also. If you tend to specialize like I do, you tend to be way high on those also. My SMG proficiency is now 39, giving 39% more damage and 80% faster reload, which added to over leveling makes things a bit easy.

So if you want a challenge, definitely hold off on sides.

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