Simple poll for the remaining people here:

Has BL3 over the top exceeded your expectations in a good way?

  • Yes
  • No

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Does the game still need to be balanced/fixed?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you on the forum actively playing or just here to see if things get better?

  • Actively Playing
  • Actively Waiting

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Lastly, more hotfixes to address issues, or less hotfixes because that is what your concern was?

  • More hotfixes concerned me
  • More hotfixes are needed

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The game just about met my expectations or got a bit below. I don’t mind the game being fairly similar to BL2, nor did I mind most of the issues the community were concerned about. The thing that just rubs me the wrong way with this game is just the scaling, and how it is totally Ok that some things qre ■■■■■■■ busted beyond belief while others need to claw their way into viability. I never had to worry about pet scaling in TPS.

I play the game when I see FL4K fixes and stop when the fixes stop. I haven’t played since the week they fixed IPS. There are still so many bugs that need fixing.


I couldn’t vote on actively part since I’m not sure what am I doing. I’m currently farming for what seems like I won’t get what I’m looking for as days pass by.

Game needs hotfixes and fixes in general. I used to feel hype for this game but not anymore


My guess for the “new mode” was an alternative to mayhem as an end game mode and my conspiracy theory is that they stopped with the hotfixes because they’re always addressing mayhem balance which might be taking a backseat and instead focusing on the upcoming mode that might need a bunch of fixes and balance changes from the current systems.


Below my expectations. I drop in to play when DLC comes out, but is it too pessimistic to say I just want BL4 already? I don’t think any amount of update can change my opinion on the core experience, so only a new entry can really get me back into the series. I still feel passionate about it enough to talk on the forums, a part of me really wants to love it.

I haven’t played since finishing DLC4, so I’m passing my time with other games.


The game needs more fixing for sure.

Everytime i want to play with my mate, i need to delete and readd him from the friendlist because otherwise the game shows us offline to eachother, which is annoying.

IB´s 20% grenade chance on hit annointment still glitches out, and that since release. Also, since GB added lifesteal to rushing offensive, You can´t start sprinting anymore while firing a gun.

Alot of gear is still underpowered, like vladof AR´s, or zanes classmods. I think i would open doors for zane, if his blue capstone would get the effect of seein dead, allowing him a wider range of classmods to choose from. Give seein death some other effect.

Since the last update, my game is crashing more frequently, and for my mate it´s even worse. And his Pc is more powerfull than mine.

Guess i gonna go miss those hotfixes. lol


expected a QoL improved better game then BL2…

got half of the QoL changes and then they stopped or went the opposite way (“randomized mayhem modifiers for no reason what so ever” is the most obvious one. if you can reroll it into oblivion why not make life easy and let people set the ones they want from the getgo?)

and better game then BL2? nope… first 2 DLC somewhat redeemed on that but still a subpar game overall.


Lol “remaining”

Yo! the people that are actively playing the game daily since release actually don’t come here often because a new generation got access to the forum and soiled it. The only things I find here are trade and immature opinions. Its a good game, so is Handsome Collection, but Handsome Collection exhibits it’s era and has fallen behind graciously. There is no other game like 3.


After all the nonsense we’ve had to endure for a game over the last year I’d have to agree with you. They had no ■■■■■■■ clue what they wanted endgame to look like and it shows. Mayhem 2.0 leads me to believe they don’t understand what makes their own game fun


I met a LOT of people on here at start and NONE(quite telling) are in-game anymore. (50+ peeps on trades/play)

Some did get bored, most however got fed up with GBX.


LOL at people critisizing or getting tired not being “fans”. Come on mate…


Oh I get it. This game is less Borderlandsy than Tale of Borderlands. This game and all DLC should be as non-canonical as the story made the others out to be. That is how die-hard of a fan I am. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t try and speak for me. I know it may be hard for you to play and be part of the community for the game, but that’s not everyone.


Great take :roll_eyes:

One could say that people that don’t object any critism contribute to what is wrong the with game right now. There is plenty of passionate fans that probably are bigger fans than you that have left. It’s not as simple as “if you disagree with me then you were never a fan to begin with”.


I have countless hours across all games (I bought the first game the week it was released) so you have no right telling me or others what we are a fan of or not. Blindly loving something despite its many flaws doesn’t make you a bigger fan than other people. It makes you willfully ignorant. Flag me if you want but that was a pretty dumb thing to say


Tough one. I kind of liked the Hotfixes because you had something to look forward every week. I mean, usually it wasn’t that much but sometimes you looked to the patchnotes and were greeted by a massive amount of balance changes and you realized that a bunch of stuff that you’d basically never ever pick up was suddenly meta.

I mean, that obviously wasn’t be going to be carried on forever, but I find the timing of when they decided to stop releasing weekly hotfixes a bit peculiar.

I think the game is currently in a bit of a weird spot because we have been told that there’s gonna be some information on new content and/or updates soon™ but there wasn’t any detail on the nature of the changes. I mean, we know there’s gonna be a DLC with new skill trees, but we only know it’s gonna be sometime this year which is another 3 months after all and we don’t know what the DLC is gonna contain besides the Skill Trees and whether the new content/updates are just the DLC or something other than that (i.e. there could be another Takedown this year).


@Noelle_GBX , So what was the reported concern of too many Hotfixes?

  • Addressed a reported concern that new hotfixes were being added to Borderlands 3 too frequently

Seems people liked/needed them? :man_shrugging:


Long time BL fan here. I’m not necessarily against them slowing the pace of hotfixes if it frees up dev time to work on new content. There are a few things, particularly weapon damage and action skill damage, that could use a substantial balancing pass, but I feel like we’re in an okay place for the time being.

At this point, I’m just looking for things that shake up the gameplay meta – like melee and nova damage scaling.

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I think alot of us set our expectations very high. I can’t really blame GBX for hyping the game as well it is part of there job to sell games so they can make more or support existing ones.
I do fault them on launching the game before it was stable. Consoles still experience semi regular crashes and the games still has several bugs and a few progression blockers. We also consider the online multiplayer on console which added a degree of frustration for my friends and I due to some people lagging and others crashing.

I think after the Handsome collection we all had the expectation that GBX had console figured out but we are once again reminded they make Borderlands for PC first.

As for item balance the game now faces similar problems to BL2 where some guns, skills or gameplay just don’t function across the entire experience. Mayhem mode feels like the game guts itself down to its most basic form removing the vehical gameplay, making a number of builds and items worthless, and asking you to farm spicific sorces for spicific loot to be able to play several parts of the game more naturally. This is why some might consider Mayhem mode to be a regression rather then expanding the gameplay.

I am fine with having to get better loot or having to focus on spicific skills for higher difficulty but I don’t want all the frustration we get while trying to re clear story missions that don’t scale well in Mayhem mode. I don’t want to spend 5 minutes trying to run over varkids befor I haft to turn mayhem mode off and restart. I also don’t want to get be doing a circle of Slaughter and all of the sudden the game crashes and I lose everything I just did. I enjoy BL3 but for every 10 things I enjoy there is one thing that annoys or frustrates me. That is a pretty good ratio but still it sucks. For me that is also what keeps the game from being truly enjoyable for long periods of time.

I know the team is hard at work at have alot of stuff they are juggling and I am happy to see them commit to more content. I hope one day BL3 can be the game I originally believed it would be. What the devs have done and created is great don’t get me wrong but it had glaring issues which players encounter daily which sucks.

All I can say is that with BL3 is we want more quality not just quantity. Bigger better patches with stability updates and changes to make the game run more consistently and more balance changes so the experience in Mayhem mode is not so removed from the initial leveling experience.


On the actively waiting or actively playing, er i’m in both camps. I am playing the game while waiting for things to get better.

I cant make many comments on BL2/TPS as I started plying those in 2016/17 time (when they was finished games).

While refection was annoying I preferred Mayhem 1 as I could just focus on the enemy not spiny laser things, ghostly things, various drones and various immunity’s to something which we got in Mayhem 2. Boundary Issues had been given a little love from the Moze community (due to it relating to DLC 4 I wont mention much on it).

As it is all I have been doing is grinding for weapons cause I want to try some Deathless Moze builds which focused on capstoning Blue and Orange with a shield anoint as I feel I can add a layer of survival. I have not got to the stage of testing builds of my own design to it’s limits as I am gear farming on DLC 4 where one of the bosses are just as annoying to fight as phoenix and the drop rates suck just as much.