Simple question about "shield penetration"

When an helix or gear says “X penetrate shield. +X% shield penetration” does that mean “shield” as in “the blue bar above health points” or “shield” as in “boldur/galilelol/isic’s shield” ?
I bet the answer is “the blue bar above health point”, so another question, what’s the use ?
Unless when playing against kleese I don’t see a point for this. And even if there is kleese, he usually isn’t the biggest threat. I won’t build my helix just to deal with kleese.

The character shields, so yeah, the bar above their health.

There are lots of uses to it, getting that damage to the health before the shield can really freak some players out, additionally there could be an enemy on low health who is sticking around because they have their shield, with shield penetration you can bypass their shield to finish them off.

It’s a very niche thing to have, it hasn’t got hundreds of uses, but if you have it there will come a time where it might just get you that elimination.

It is so you can slowly chip down health and ultimately make it easier for an assassin to finish the job. A lot of people will take cover whenever their shield runs out so no permanent damage is done, shiield pen is the solution to this tactic. It is mostly only useful in well coordinated teams.

Incredibly good against Galilea (Oh you took ‘‘It’s dangerous to go alone?’’ cute) but overall pretty useless. It should honestly be a damage % bonus to shield, with added penetration, OR regular damage plus % of that damage going straight to health without reducing the damage on shield.

I find it useful in campaign, because you can destroy things like those Jennerit teleport staffs faster. Not tried it in PvP though.

Whiskey Foxtrot has a skill that gives his ultimate 100% Shield Pen. I think It’s the best Ultimate Augmentation in the game. Shame it’s so low in the Helix (the last one, in fact) that you hardly get to use it.

But in my experience Shield Pen has been very useful, at least with characters like WF, OM, Thorn, Marquis etc.

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Some can maximize the use of shield pen quite well, but really it depends on who you’re fighting and overall it doesn’t give you any boost to your DPS.

the 100% shield pen is a boost to DPS since you can just ignore 300-600 effective health completely (I play WF a lot so yeah his H10 is pretty good)

Snipers benefit from this the most because their damage per shot is higher, and can surprise low-health ennemies that thought they could stay alive with their shield. Straight damage and attack speed is usually better though.

I run shield pen gear on my Orendi or any other burst assassin I play. It’s really good against people who either don’t know or refuse to recall and instead rely on their shield to protect them.

Also watching an enemy trying to put pressure on me as they watch their health drop before their shield tends to make them disengage earlier, pushing them out of lane.

Obviously not effective against Eldrid, but strong against Gal at the moment since a lot of her damage out relies on her having full health. If she is using her range attack a few shots leaves her spinning at the back like an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

Really just depends on the character and situation.

Of note, with Orendi and proper gear in PvE I drop health and shield at the same rate with my basic attacks, almost halving my TTK on shielded enemies.

I mean most of the characters in the game have a shield, it can be proc`d alot. Gear with shield penetration I like a great deal.

I’m thinking of running it with Whiskey, attack speed, crit damage and shield pen. His crit already seems pretty strong so I figure even more of that will be deadly but we’ll see.

It also allows effects that only occur upon damaging health (like lifesteal, and I believe crits) and negate hero abilities that requires full health (e.g. some gear, Galilea’s sword beams).