Simple Question: Do the Invincible Sentinel and normal Sentinel have the same drops?

Specifically, do they both drop the Prismatic Bulwark? How do their drops differ, if they do at all?

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Ive wondered this also, since Senty now has Zarp’s drops!

Due to annoying frame rate issues (and general incompetence with the mechanics of the fight) i havent farmed the Sentinel much.

The only legendary that I’ve managed to get from the normal Sentinel is the Eridian Vanquisher class mod. From the Invincible version I’ve gotten Black Hole, Longnail, and ZX-1. My guess is that the Prismatic Bulwark will only drop from the Invincible version.

Invincible version has zarps lootpool while the regular version does not, after about 70 or so runs since the latest patch on the raid version with Athena I can safely say that is 90% the case. I’ve gotten the handsome head, tech ninja, a character zarp dropped character skin and the zx-1 from the raid and nothing but his old loot pool stuff from the normal version.

Since the update, I’ve only fought the raid sentinel once, and the regular probably 10-12 times, and I’ve managed to get 3 of the heads (tech ninja, lunar knight, and the baroness one) that I didn’t have…

Mmm, not quite. I finally beat UVHM Sentinel (story progression, not raid) with Athena, and got a ZX-1 drop.

Man that is so annoying.

I’ve farmed the regular version so much with my claptrap and I get nothing. Stupid RNG.

I think the normal Sentinel drops The ZX-1 and the heads, the Invincible additionally drops the Prismatic Bulwark.