Simple Suggestion for Battleplans

The next time a character needs to be locked so that you can experiment, please put a note about it in the Battleplan.


Did they explicitly say they needed to experiment with the character?

Because last I heard, she was only locked out on ps4 which means it was a bug in the latest update.

As @Psychichazard said in your last post about this

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A simple “We figure this character may be too OP for this special event so we are disabling them for the duration.”

Bu then people might get upset over something that was done intentionally as opposed to for “unknown reasons that are being looked into”.


You are correct that I don’t know for sure why they locked her. All I know for sure is that as soon as Gravity Rumble was over, she was unlocked. That leads me to believe that they knew she would not be a viable character in Gravity Rumble, they wanted to run Gravity Rumble, and she was locked. They could have easily mentioned that in the Battleplan.


Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?

Neither is necessary; it’s their game and they can do what they want. It’s just a matter of common courtesy to let people know when you are going to change things.

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Yeah, that was a poor choice of quote.

I actually don’t really know why I’m making a big deal about this.

Im still perfectly satisfied with Battleborn.

Should be done the way charity lockups are done.

Let’s get Wanted posters, bid to unlock the poor character.

Beatrix would be free by now.

It’s lovely that you are enjoying it. I am not; it’s too sloppy and disjointed.

Hey guys,

As I said in the other thread, after investigating, the team discovered that Beatrix being locked was due to a back-end bug. It wasn’t something that was done intentionally to test anything.


We know, the crew here is just having fun :wink:

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All good, just wanted to make sure that was clear. :slight_smile:

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Or the fact that pushing out a patch is expensive and time consuming. Why would they waste their resources to push it Saturday when they are going to push a scheduled patch on Monday.

Not trying to be a dick at all, I’m just playing Devil’s advocate over here and give Gearbox the benefit of the doubt.
I’m not too thrilled Beas wasn’t able to be picked either.

Edit: just noticed Joe’s post lol

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