Simple Suggestions to Improve Incursion

I would like to start off by saying, I really enjoy playing Incursion and am fine with the way it is currently. However, Incursion requires the least amount of team coordination and seems to be more about fighting in the middle of the map and how quickly you can get your two or three legendary items. So here are my suggestions to make more interesting and requiring more teamwork and coordination:

  1. Have 1 sentry worth 100 points.
  2. Have 2 lanes, minions only go through one lane (maybe have the option to spend shards to change which lane they go)
  3. There are buildables in each lane like in campaign mode. Have the option to buy different turrets and different traps and can still upgrade them
  4. Thralls always go opposite lane of minions
  5. Maybe the most important suggestion and it can even be applied to other modes, have diminishing returns for a player feeding the other team. It will be very easy to just run straight ahead and die over and over and if this is the case, the team with the 0-9 player after 5 minutes will be at a severe disadvantage. So my two ideas for this; make characters XP given when killed based on how long they have been alive or if you are so many levels above a character, you get less XP (something like same level 100%, 1 level up 66%, 2 levels up 33%, 3 levels same XP as killing a minion).

Those are my thoughts on this and I am sure there will be many opinions on this so go ahead and tell me (and GBX) how much you love and hate this idea.


I believe the lower return for a lower level player is already a thing. Everything else sounds good. I’m hoping for a three lane map with e mini sentries and a super sentry, but that’s just me.

Yeah it kinda sucks when you realize you are just playing ARAM all day.

One thing people don’t notice about Overgrowth is the problem the lightning turret in the middle causes. If you let them build it: you snowball the exp, right about 1/3 the exp to lvl 2 for lvl 1 build. If you destroy it without taking middle you snowball their exp. If you don’t destroy it you snowball 1 guy’s exp. If you try to take middle without destroying it your team gets wiped.

Lvl 3 stringer/thumper exp = lvl 1 lightning turret
Lvl 3 Lightning = lvl 2 character

That one turret ends up being the most important objective in the game towards winning.

Also I agree that kill exp needs to be adjusted.

sentrys should cost more IMO.