Simple, yet awesome change for Techspert

Hey, I know a lot of people have given ideas about how to make Zane’s coms better, but it also seems like most people think the techspert in particular needs to be completely reworked. Of course it’s effect is extremely mediocre compared to seein dead, or even just a CCC build, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. I’ve also seen people suggest adding a flat 100% action skill damage to it, or something along those lines, but frankly, that’s kinda boring.

Here’s my idea: add Wilhelm’s Rolling Thunder skill in addition to Techspert’s current effect. Something like, Drone gains 1% damage for every second that it is active. Stacks infinitely. This synergizes perfectly with it’s current effect of refreshing duration, and adds an interesting new way to play. I’d love to build around the drone doing damage instead of the clone, and this is a simple, yet effective way of doing that.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my ted talk, have a nice day.


the thing is you can already do it with seein dead and splash rolled class mod and artifact. to have drones bullet damage be viable it would take hefty amount of up time which you do not need since boomsday can already kill stuff pretty decently. it would work after certain amount of up time but it would be such a gimp to yourself that most people would complain anyway. i would not mind this effect to techspert but it would still be a no pick com.