Simply looking for someone to play with

Hi folks I’m new here been playing borderlands 2 since it came out, love the game but no-one I have online has the game or is interested I have one of each character from level 8 to 72 I’m not sure where everyone is from here I’m from Scotland, I’m currently working verry few hours so spending alot of time on the game getting my other characters up to level 72 so Yeh just really looking for someone to chat to and play along with and level up a bit faster, my 360 name is: PPImurdock69 many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

add me if u want PeterL2014 . I’m from Canada btw

Cheers man I’ll add you when I’m on in about a hour

You can also add me, gamertag is the same as my forum name. Btw i’m from Belgium.

Trying to add but won’t let me at the moment

ITMsurrender , add me :smile:

Request sent :+1:

You can add me.

Same here

Edit: Forgot to add gamertag. BTK420247

Thanks folks I’ll add you when I get in tonight

Thank you for the warm welcome so far folks

Add me if you like GT UMI2021

Hi, I’m from Chile.
My English is terrible but my enthusiasm makes up. XD

I got a OP8 Siren, Axton and Salvador (All DLC).

GT: VegetaValpo