Since atlas is back can the Ajax ogre come back too

The Ajax ogre was such an amazing weapon in 1 and it makes sense that it didn’t return with atlas going away for 2 and TPS but now that atlas is back as a manufacturer I would love to see the Ajax ogre come back. I say the Ajax ogre come back as the ogre was transformed into the vladorf version so I’m thinking if we could get an AR called the Ajax that dealt splash damage that would be amazing. Also if the gun could be made to be an actually good gun that would be even better, maybe it would have regular speed bullets unlike most non elemental splash guns which has the slower gyrojets


I would love to see it return as an ultra rare Pearlescent

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Set up a poll to see how many want it back. You could even ask if anyone wants it Pearlescent. :wink:


If we are going to get really technical, the Ogre already exists in BL3 (and is pretty good), so I would think that if they were to add the weapon, it likely would be by a different name. The OPQ already is kind of in the same vein as the BL1 Ajax Ogre, to boot - but of course it is not available right now.

Yeah I was saying to add the Ajax in instead of the ogre and then have it be similar to the Ajax ogre. The opq system is similar but the shock explosions aren’t on every shot and I don’t know if the secondary firing system is really fitting for the Ajax, but I’m not sure as to what would be good for a secondary fire system as tracker shots don’t seem right either