Since bank / storage space is such a issue for me

i figured that instead of just selling off unused legendaries or spend more time leveling bank characters than actually playing it normally i could send start sending them to people who need them.

So, if you have any specific legendary that you want, i’ll check if i have one and if not, i’ll try to keep that in mind if i ever see one drop. specific parts/stats or annoitments is to much to keep track off but if you need a legendary in general, post it here and i’ll send it over.

i’m on PS4.


I need a Dictator to do the gun range challenge. Any level will do.

well that’s pretty damn typical, i had one drop earlier… but ye, i were sure i had another one laying around but doesn’t seem like i do. i will let you know if i find one again. what about heatwave / tidalwave ? they shoot a pretty wide spread aswell

edit: nope, it was terrible

LF fl4k legendary bounty hunter mod with at least a +2 in big game hunter and action skill cooldown

Haven’t seen one of those. Not sure how they shoot. I tried a Conference Call but it has a much tighter hit box than it did in BL2. I read that the Dictator makes this challenge easy and of course there’s no designated drop for it.

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yeah, not that this confirms a designated source or anything but i’ve got 2 or 3 from troy actually. Ofcourse, i’ve had via world drop aswell.


i’ll check, but i’m not sure i have that. will let you know if i do.

Thank you sir

Nope, only with +2 frenzy and +3 hunter’s eye and No CDR.
And another one with only +1 in dangerous game, also no CDR.

Ok well I have the mod but needed that action cooldown ty for looking though

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send it my way psn: nat_zero_six.

Which one?

nothing in particular at the moment, any anointed gears will be awesome.

LF for a Shredifier or a Crossroad for my Moze.

Sent you a couple of things.

i should have both, i’ll send you tomorrow. it’s late over here.

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great, can’t wait to see it. i love sending and receiving gifts. Best feature in 3 IMO.

Is there any chance you have a snowdrift otto’s idol or any snowdrift relics the one that substantially increases luck would be cool to. Or any elemental star helix assault rifle preferably cryo or fire but any element would do.

@Mahtyo thanks my PSN is Rchris92

Thanks. :+1:

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I’ll check, i should have cryo star helix but i need to check to make sure EDIT: Yes, i can send you a Cryo star helix and a non-elemental one. No snowdrift relics unfortunately.


I’ve sent you an PSN request. will a non-element Shredifier suffice? the crossroad has radiation.

@Mahtyo just accepted your request. A non elemental Shredifier would suffice. The crossroad sounds good too!

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