Since bank / storage space is such a issue for me


i’ve sent 'em, should be in the mail !

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if you would that’d be great pan is Darknugget6588. Is there anything I need to send you in return.

Do you have a bloodletter mod with dmg stats? Last stand deathless? Or a one pump chump annointed? I main moze and looking for these. Psn Skill-Explicit

Thank you:)


sent you a friend request. you don’t need to send me anything!


i’ll check, i don’t have any annoited one pump, but i do have a couple of bloodletter mods (i believe). not sure about last stand, but i should have deathless. i’ll add you, if i have any i’ll mail it to you

Sweet! Added you. If you are looking for anything in specific or need lmk I can check to see. Have a decent amount but like u, storage is an issue and I’ve maxed 4 toons plus my main hahah

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Alright give me like 30 mins and I’ll be on


sent you a couple of things, hope they were any upgrade for you


alright, no stress ! i’ll be on a while longer. (unless my PS4 die on me, it completely shut-off a while ago, which was strange… never happened before)


Thanks man! Definitely new and sweet loot!

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Alright I excepted that request took slightly longer thani originally thought it would lol.

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Do you have:
Echo in shock, cryo, or corrosive
Nemesis in fire
Tina’s Hippity Hopper in cryo, rad, or fire

i’ll check, i know i’ve had the at some point. but i’m not sure i keept it. will let you know.

Cool. :slight_smile:

Sorry, i do have both Echo and hippity hopper but unfortunately both are non-elemental. Nemesis has vanished apparently ^^

Any Amara mods?? Rope-O-Dope Breaker?? Also any Fl4k mods?? Feral Prideful Red Fang??

I dont suppose you have a knifedrain deathless artifact?

i’ll check

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Nope, just a Teething prideful red fang.


No knifedrain deathless, sorry.

Teething is fine

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My PSN is Mahtyo

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