Since last updated freezes up without warning

Well have lost 8 gold items now because of the random freezes and getting really mad. Have the digital download version on ps4 didn’t do this at before last updated and today has been the worst so far has frozen up 3 times in the past hr lucky I didn’t get anything good this time around is this ever getting fix or should I just give up on the game

Do you have adequate ventilation where you are? It occurs to me that even though I don’t know where you live, due to it being summer for most of the world right now, that heat might have a role to play.

Apologies if I have it wrong, but it never hurts to suggest possibilities that might not have been considered.

Yeah got great ventilation it’s on a table all alone I really like to find out why it’s doing this

Yea this is an issue after the last big patch. Mine keeps freezing randomly and it really sucks. Send a support ticket in and let them know. I contacted them and said theres really nothing they can do but are working on the issue. I only noticed the freezing on the pre sequel but i haven’t really been playing bl2.

Yep no issues with bl2 at all hope they address this issue soon tired of loosing good loot

As soon as you get something good dropped, pick it up and then open your inventory and disable and enable your BAR to force a save. That’s really all you can do.


Yeah that’s a great idea I knew you could save like that but being irritated by loosing good items forgot all about it thank you

same here.

Is this a online thing or does it freeze while offline as well? I ask this because perhaps there is a bad hotfix that was released.

I am getting freezes - four in one sitting at the Titan Robot facility in TPS on PS4. It froze twice on me during the firing range sequence and twice whilst getting Felicity to the legs. I got further by signing out, but in the end it froze again.

This is the first time I have had this issue.